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Beta / Re: Let us know if you see Purple Lights
« on: 07:08 PM - 02/15/16 »
Not sure; since xim3, Ive never used a controller. I suppose I could test it out.

Beta / Re: Let us know if you see Purple Lights
« on: 05:59 PM - 02/15/16 »
Ive felt this on every COD. From cod 4 to black ops 3 on the xbox one.

Beta / Re: Let us know if you see Purple Lights
« on: 01:12 PM - 02/15/16 »
I was always curious about that. So, if Im experiencing lag in my game, does that translate to how the controller will react? If so, thats pretty ridiculous. I understand it's the 360's fault, not the xim's, but all the same, its so @#$% variable that my muscle memory never fully forms because I constantly have to readjust. I see all of these videos on here where people can perform incredibly crisp and precise movements, whereas Im stuck having to adjust every time. Some games feel excellent, other games feel like Im fighting myself. And this is all on one night. Granted, I have a 4 KD in MW3 and a 5 KD in Black Ops 2. I just cant help but feel as though it could be even better...

Side note: Why did unplugging and plugging the xim edge back in actually improve the aiming fidelity immensely? I mean, it would literally be night and day improvements.

Beta / Re: Let us know if you see Purple Lights
« on: 12:56 AM - 02/15/16 »
I haven't really noticed the game pausing. It just starts to feel really sluggish, almost as if Im wading through pudding. As for hdd activity, im using a 7200 rpm 1TB external drive which the xbox reads as an external usb storage. That thing is always blinking a mile a minute, so im not too sure about that either. Ill have to watch it.

Beta / Re: Let us know if you see Purple Lights
« on: 11:01 PM - 02/14/16 »
Yes. 98% of the log I sent you was me playing a game of free for all in MW3.

Beta / Re: Let us know if you see Purple Lights
« on: 09:16 PM - 02/14/16 »
I just got these purple flashing lights for the second time now. Additionally, the xim has been acting sluggish. I bought a new one thinking it was sluggish from being faulty, but now its happening to this one as well. I'm wondering if its an issue with a usb port on the xbox 360 or if the xim is not receiving enough power. I have now replaced the xbox 360, The HDMI cable, the monitor, both the keyboard and mouse, storage, and ethernet cable. I've run out of things to replace.

XIM 4 Discussions / Cant get 2014 firmware to work
« on: 08:32 PM - 11/21/15 »
For some odd reason, after downgrading from the newest release candidate to the older 2014 firmware, my xim wont register inputs and refuses to connect to bluetooth. Im gonna keep trying and report back.

If it helps, I continuously get an "unable to communicate" error with the xim4 everytime I attempt to connect using bluetooth.

Edit*: Good news, managed to solve my bluetooth problem, but now I have a new one. Im using a dynex usb to mini usb cable to connect my controller to the xim4. With the old manager and firmware, everything is recognized except for my controller. Im not sure why. Any help would be appreciated.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim 4 ADS problem
« on: 07:55 PM - 11/21/15 »
Ever since the update I've noticed huge issues. My xim even starts responding weirdly, and mouse movement feels like sensitivity dropped tenfold. It even switched configs once (to be fair I probably punched my keyboard and hit the hotkey from frustration)

I think you need to check it out mist. Something is funky

I'm using the suspended latest firmware on it.

Holy crap, you just described my same problem. I thought I was going nutty. I use the newest firmware with a ducky mini and brand new steelseries rival. My mouse seems to become sluggish or drop sensitivity at random. It becomes impossible to maintain muscle memory when this is happening. I've used three different mice (including a brand new g502) and all of them have the issue as well. Tried a hard reset of my xbox and it was a no go. If it helps at all, I play on a 4ms monitor with a turtle beach ghosts headset attached through the mic port of the controller (to speak) and powered by a usb port on the xbox. I then have the xbox one controller attached to the xim via a dynex usb mini to usb cable ($5 at best buy). Could the cable im using for the controller to xim be causing a problem? At first I believed my issue to be something to do with lag (ie. the greater the lag, the more sluggish my aim becomes) but that doesn't make sense; I believe the xim only translates. I am desperate to figure out this issue.

Also, the mouse is at 1000 hz polling rate and at 5500 dpi. i have tried 500 hz prior with the same result.

Ah, I see. I'm actually on an xbox 360 so I'm unsure if I can even use my smartphone to send messages over xbox live...if I can, then color me surprised, because I had no clue I could even do that. As for the initial request, I figured it would be a rather popular suggestion. It isnt all that bad using my movement keys to type out messages on the xbox, and to be honest, this isn't really that pivotal of an issue in regards to furthering development of the xim. It's more like a small bonus in the end.

Not sure if this has specifically been asked before; is there any possible way to create a sort of emulation (ie. using another config slot in your xim) to trick the controller into believing it has a controller keyboard plugged in? For example, could I have my black ops 2 set to F1 and "Keyboard emulator" in F2. I used to have a mini keyboard for my controller and it made typed messages that much easier. Unfortunately, I had to forego that experience thanks to my headsets bluetooth adapter. Whilst I am proficient in using 'wasd' and simply clicking as fast as I can to each letter, I'd figured I'd ask about a feature such as this. It would certainly make typing infinitely faster.

Absolutely zero problems. Works right out of the box, I plugged it in and was good to go. Now I just have to get used to the lighting features and cherry mx reds. Ive used browns my entire gaming career.

CONFIRMED!!! The Ducky Mini does in fact work with the xim4, including all LED's at maximum brightness. Someone can go ahead and put this on the official compatibility list.

Guess Ill find out. Ordered a mini online as I needed more room to swing my mouse. Kept hitting the side of my old keyboard.

Just as the title says.

If I may chime in here. ObSiv it would be fantastic if you could replicate the 1910 ST from the black ops days. I understand that everyone may have personal preference regarding how they would like theyre XIM to behave. With that being said, it seems the majority posting to this thread are asking for that ST and that ST alone. Providing us with a similar setup/solution would certainly quiet 95% of us down because if we continue to @#$% and moan...well then it's just on us.

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