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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Connected devices stop responding
« on: 12:08 PM - 01/08/15 »
i experience the exact same issue randomly but constantly. verified that it is not my cables or connections. EXTREMELY frustrating.

General Discussion / Re: Titanfall + XIM on PC = lulz
« on: 01:32 PM - 12/15/14 »

 But unless they take the PC players serious, it'll just be another PC COD-like result.

says the person abusing aim assist made for controller users.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 on Amazon
« on: 02:13 PM - 12/12/14 »
if XIM sold him the units, then they are under warranty from his purchase correct?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Kindle fire
« on: 11:09 AM - 11/26/14 »
I have a kindle fire 6 and the Xim4 pairs just fine with the device. The app installs and loads fine, downloads games with no problem. However, when the app finally loads and attempts to connect with the device, it gives an infinite loading thingy that never goes anywhere.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 IOS??????
« on: 11:40 AM - 11/22/14 »
if i remember correctly, Obsiv stated somewhere that the xim4 doesnt have the right bluetooth hardware to be used with IOS. cant seem to find the thread where that was mentioned tho, so that might not be exactly what was stated.

i actually didnt know windows had these features built in.

i had been routing my mic into Ableton and using gate to kill the background noise and add gain. No need to run ableton now, thanks!!! :)

ended up ordering one. will let you all know how it fairs with the Xim4E

Game Support / BF4 ADS sensitivity
« on: 02:13 PM - 07/08/14 »
the patch today on ps4 and xbone includes the addition of a sensitivity slider for ADS.

i would assume that if you leave the slider on default that it would be the same as it was pre-patch, but havent had a chance to check it out as of yet.

General Discussion / Re: Webhosting / Webdesign
« on: 10:00 AM - 07/08/14 »
i used godaddy for a bit and the experience was terrible. improperly functioning server and customer support was terrrible

i use dreamhost and have no complaints.

depending on what you are after, you might wanna give wordpress a try. extremely easy to learn (i stated with zero website experience).

send it my way and ill give it a go :P

but this actually interests me. been looking around for a new mmo and this one definitely looks decent for the price. might grab one in the near future

thick as thieves

and ill post this one for lolz

General Discussion / Re: привет
« on: 01:08 PM - 07/03/14 »
ya usually a post with a subject of hello and a blank body is spam, regardless of language.

yes, this has been working for a while with the beta

see you would think that is a solution, but it actually does not pass through any touchpad commands (except "push in" main button, which is already mappable)

anything beyond the main push in button is unusable if your controller is hooked into the xim.

Beta / Re: Beta 20140620 issue
« on: 08:37 AM - 06/30/14 »
after some more testing this weekend i have experienced the issue wired and wireless with the nav. i think the issue is just so random that i didnt experience it wired for the couple hour test i did.

going to use a keyboard tonight (even tho i hate WASD) to nail the culprit down to the nav.

i dont really think the issue is with my nav specifically, as others seem to be having the same issue. BUT just to see i will probably order another nav since they are cheapy cheap.

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