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Game Support / Black Ops 4 ST Issue (Solved)
« on: 06:18 AM - 10/19/18 »
Update: Just went though the download process again and it works now :)

Hey all,

I downloaded the ST for BO4 on my Apex via my PC. Have just tried to load this on my PS4 but as soon as I try this my Xim app crashes. I can got back to my PC and change to another ST which works but it's struggling with the new Black Ops 4 one. (Also on the app load game screen theirs no game picture showing on the left)

Any ideas?

Thanks! :)

Ahhh ok thanks! I was into making videos back in tha day, came 2nd in the XIM Top Shot contest with this:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_5cBmdocac (First time I earned money from gaming xD)

There's quite a few more on my old chan if you wanna check some out, hope to start making some again if I can find the time  :)




Thanks for the quick reply, will try these out! :)

Your welcome, always better to search first. I take it Remix is a clan? If so nope, not in it, as I've already got a D2 PC clan (SoulSeekers) and have just started the same clan in D1 (However only have a few members in atm as most don't have a PS4)

Yeah great thread, as I was XIM1/XIM2 a lot of things have changed so have been trying to 'update myself' info wise.

Thanks again!  ;)


Hey all,

Original XIM1 user here, it's been a while since I've posted (6 years) big shout to the old school crew, Mist, Moose and Obs in particular :)

I started playing Destiny 2 on PC a while back and have recently bought a PS4 to play Destiny 1, I'm using a Xim Apex and have searched for updated ST's and found this thread, as per previous posts I'm struggling with turn speed and it feels a bit 'muddy'

Is there a Xim 4 to Xim Apex converter so I can use these or can anyone recommend a config for me to try?



XIM 3 Discussions / VID: Drive In HQ (D&B Edit)
« on: 10:27 AM - 08/26/11 »
Hope you like my D&B edit of a HQ match on Drive In!

Track: Box Bottom ft Babba - Bounce N Boom (Gutters D&B Mix)

As always feedback is most welcomed :)

General Discussion / Newport Shootings
« on: 06:56 AM - 08/20/11 »
3 women were shot yesterday in a hair dressers in Newport, this is on the road at the bottom of the street where my ex wife and kids live!!


Thankfully they were not at home and are fine, turns out this idiot has just come out of prison and found out that his girlfriend is seeing someone else, after shooting the women, all of whom survived, he then killed himself in a forest last night.

With the riots, this and the numerous conflicts and injustice, at times i do wonder what the fooks happened to the World!  :o

General Discussion / Re: LAG Switch users XBOX360
« on: 02:15 AM - 08/20/11 »
Just played a game of demolition filled with a lag switch user. They did still lose though, but what fre*king annoying... The whole game shocked like hell because of the switch user...
I reported him for cheating, but probably nothing will happen to him.
For now I caught this guy certainly using a switch on XBOX Live:
Everytime I got in front of him or if I hit him from behind his character just stood still and suddenly I was death...
What can I do more besides reporting him through the playercard - report player - cheating?

Yeah sounds like a lag switch, I caught one recently and made a vid of it, was it like this?

You need to record it from his perspective in theatre (any quality's fine) then post the link on www.blackopscheaters.com. They'll review it and then say if its been accepted or not, GL!

ALL last night using my trusty ak47 it was taking 5 hits for a kill at near point blank range. Something was up for sure! I had to switch back to the ol Famas extended mag and spray like hell! Normally I tap my ak like a burst fire but had to use the famas in full on auto mode lol. Point, hold button, empty mag into 1 enemy. Sucked...

I only played one game last night with Peng (Slipped disc in my back on major pain killers, which dont help gameplay lol) and we also noticed this, 3 bars and a full clip to kill someone. Gonna jump on soon and see if its any better!  :o

Very nice one Soul :D very nice :)
Somethings tells me to watch it again while using a bong lol  :-X
All those colours whooo :D

Thanks Passkes! Yeah this vid will definately be 'enjoyed' more after a smoke :D

Lo all,

I've remixed 'Freak-a-Zoid's'  :)

Thanks for ya feedback on the original and I've tried to include those changes in this remix..including new clips with more first person shots! I've also learnt and used some new effects and re did the audio from scratch so it's clean, and to eliminate any out of sync game audio caused by bleeds from iMovie!

(This is the original)

As always feedback welcomed   :)


XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Xim user vs Team FeaR (pro team)
« on: 02:35 AM - 08/16/11 »
Awesome Dutch! Just liked commented on U Tube. That must of been so coool to play with him :)

General Discussion / Re: Congrats Tuffrabit!
« on: 01:27 AM - 08/11/11 »
Thanks everybody.  Liam Boucher.  Born August 9th @ 9:58AM, 9lb 6oz.  Everybody is fine and happy.

And no, not my first.  I have a 20month old daughter.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Rabitt!! Really pleased for you mate, hope you get some sleep over the next few months :)

General Discussion / Re: UK nation wide riots!
« on: 04:48 AM - 08/10/11 »
Cant believe they set fire to lightening McQueen :'(

:D My son will be devastated! Has the rioting died down since more police have been dispatched?
Yeah Londons quiter but there were fresh riots in Birmingham, Manchester and Wolverhampton. There were report of riots in my town (Newport) just now, but thankfully these appear to be false  :o

wow dude.. I don't think I've heard that song since I was like 10 years old haha.

lol yeah, my favourite Midnight Star track is 'Midas Touch' I used the bangerz remix of Freak-a-Zoids which i love! :D

The tomahawk/knife, and sticky grenade throws in 3rd person and following to the point of impact was great! The gunfights I like to see in First person.

Thanks, yeah that seems a good ratio, I did the second segment in 3d as i was trying to make it fit with the Freak-a-Zoids robots theme, I'll prob remix this vid with more first person shots!  ;D

nice, tomahawks were sweet

Thanks Karl  :)

General Discussion / Re: UK nation wide riots!
« on: 02:49 AM - 08/10/11 »
Yeah this is some crazy @#$%!!

These people aren't protesting, their mindless thugs just looking to cause trouble and steal. Riots are across the country now, i was meant to be in London for a meeting tmrw which has been cancelled.

Bristol (15 miles from me) is the closest with more riots, thankfully nothing in Wales as we're all checking our e-mails for COD Elite Beta keys!!!  ;D (Got mine yesterday)

This shows that the police can't control this level of violence, they wern't even trying to arrest people  :o

Hopefully this @#$% will end soon and no one else will be injured or killed :/

Meh... don't listen to them.  Everybody does 1st person vids.  This was really nice.
Thanks nice rabitt  ;D
I was thinking that when i made it, i wanted to try something different  :)

Meh... don't listen to them.  Everybody does 1st person vids.  This was really nice.

ditto, a lot of people just like more 1st person ownage but I prefer it from all angles as well.

Thanks bro. Yeah as i said 90% of my vids are all first person, i spent ages doing dolly cams lol  :o

Meh... don't listen to them.  Everybody does 1st person vids.  This was really nice.

ditto, a lot of people just like more 1st person ownage but I prefer it from all angles as well.

that's what she said...

ROFL +1!  ;D

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