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It has all been taken care of now. I called my ISP and they fixed it. I can now change my IP to something completely different whenever I want (as long as I'm connected to the router), while keeping the original IP for all other devices connected directly to the modem.

This is exactly what I wanted and what I had before.

I will contact the ISP tomorrow and yes I was banned for multiple reasons. Attacking and trash talking people just for fun, at the time I also had around 50,000 fake followers on that account. I tried to get myself unbanned but it didn't work.

Thx for the info.

Information Technology Specialist here.. what you are describing is private IP vs public IP, private IP addresses for most routers / modems will be or the last two octets may be 1.1 or 2.1 for example. This is standard for MOST routers, and these are your private IP addresses. The reason for this, is if every device in the world had its own public IP addresses, there wouldn’t be enough to go around with the current version of Internet Protocol (IPv4) which is why IPv6 was invented, but that is not fully implemented and it is in hexadecimal format. If you’re banned from Twitter, it is likely an IP ban, changing your private IP address will not fix your problem because Twitter will only see your public IP. A good way to test this is to go to a website like IPChicken.com (this will give you your public  IP address. Write it down, then go to windows, open command prompt and type IPconfig. If your numbers are not the same then you are using a private IP address that is being converted to public.

I would not recommend using a VPN, it sounds like you may have gotten lucky and had a good server close to you, but it will always be slower as your network traffic is being routed elsewhere (along with everyone else who uses the service) processed, then sent to where it needs to go.

If you are banned by MAC address rather than IP, why not just buy a new $20 network card? This is where your MAC is tied to, and it is unique to all cards. All you have to do is unscrew the current one from your PCiE port and pop it out, replace it, new MAC. Or try downloading a MAC address spoofer, but they can be a little tricky.


The IP i'm talking about are public IPs. (taken directly from google)

Changing my public IP through the MAC address clone setting on my bridged router, as well as creating new user account on the computer and starting fresh usually works with almost anything.

Basically it used to let me completely change my public IP on the bridged router (ALL its digits), now only the last 2 sets of digits change and I don't think that's good. Like instead of going from to something like, it goes from to I've tried it over and over again.

There are still a few things I need to test to see if they work and I will when I have the time.

I stopped reading at "bypass my Twitter ban"... :o

And yes I am banned for life on twitter. It's been like that for years.

**** Note, all the IPs provided are made up

Here is the deal. I have my MODEM that's provided by my service provider. I have "bridging" enabled on one of the ports. That port goes into a ROUTER.

I was using that ROUTER with MAC address clone enabled to bypass my twitter ban.

Anyway, last time I used this, with the exact setup described above, my IP when connected to the router was always SIGNIFICANTLY different from the IP given to me when using the modem. For example, if I connected to the modem my IP was let's say 132.41.x.x. and when I connected to the router, my IP would be something like let's say 25.8.x.x. and every time I changed the mac address on the router, my ip would change once again to something completely different, let's say I change the mac address and my ip goes from "25.8.x.x" to "52.21.x.x".

I didn't use this for a few months now but I just decided to go back on twitter and I am having a problem. I still have that bridged port enabled, I still have everything the way it was but all the IPs I keep getting are very similar to my modem address and they don't change much when I change the mac address. For example, my modem's IP is let's say and then the IP I get from my bridged router is something very similar like It doesn't matter whether I change the MAC address, only the IP's last set or the last two sets of digits change - the first 2 sets - 162.8 remain.

I tried resetting both my router and modem, I re-enabled everything and it's still the same. I did notice that my modem had a stupid firmware update 2 months ago but that's the only thing I can find.

Another thing I noticed is when using the router with a VPN, the VPN is way slower than it should be. It wasn't like this before either. It's not the router, because I tried and different one and same thing.

Here is a clear representation of what I'm talking about:

BEFORE: (Connected directly to the modem) (connected to the bridged router)
change MAC address
change MAC address
change MAC address
etc.. the IPs just kept changing - that's what I want

NOW (Connected directly to the modem) (connected to the bridged router)
change MAC address
change MAC address
change MAC address

Anyone know what this means ? I don't really know much about these things to go into the advanced settings and try to figure it out on my own. I need some kind of a clue lol. I will also contact my ISP when I can and see what they have to say.

General Discussion / Re: Cod Mobile ? XIM Androideus ?
« on: 07:15 PM - 05/16/19 »
Since such games have on screen controls, those controls will always be in the same place depending on your screen ratio and resultion so you enter those manually and the xim androideus converts your mouse and keyboard movements into touch screen touches where the on the screen controls are :)

General Discussion / Cod Mobile ? XIM Androideus ?
« on: 07:12 PM - 05/16/19 »
Imagine a XIM for your tablet, pwning touch screen noobs all day.

In fact there would be plenty of games that would be much better and easier to play with a mouse and keyboard on android. Android emulators like Bluestacks are laggy pieces of garbage.

Another atrocious thing in bo4 are the gunfight and weapon mechanics. I don't mean the wishy washy, destructive aa bubbles (you can't really blame game devs for optimizing a game for controllers) I mean all the no recoil guns, especially the lmgs.

What's worse than that, and this is one the main problems in that garbage game, is the insane hip fire accuracy.
You can run around with weapons like Auger, Rampart, Titan, Vkm - weapons that should be bad for cqc - and once you see an enemy in front of you in the range of 1m - 3m you can just spray n' pray the sh(%t out of him. From the first bullet on, all your shots are going to connect, even if you're under fire. The hipfire accuracy is beyond broken.

If you tried this in Bo3 with an ar or lmg, you would have missed 29 from 30 shots.

So they increased the ttk, which technically increases the skillgap, but in return they made the weapons incredible ez to use and added an aimbot for everyone.

Basically it doesn't matter if you're playing against "pros" or bots, every player only needs to press L2 + R2 and boom he lasers you with a 100% precision. Lame ^^

One thing I noticed in bo4 that I just remembered was how inaccurate (or maybe too accurate) the flinch was. So either it was extremely accurate and you're gun was going up and down insanely fast where by the time you react to it (if aiming at a certain spot like the head) it has flinched up again, making it seem like you're bullets are not registering even though you're on target. Or maybe the flinch is just broken and when you shoot on target it doesn't register when flinching. (IMO this is broken either way).

The only fun I had in bo4 was trolling all the trahard with the flashlight before it got nerfed, I would just run circles around them and make them quit. Other than that I don't have a single positive thing to say about how the multiplayer is set up.

Yea I mostly played FFA so most of the engagements were 1v1. It absolutely sucked when had a few good players and a few noobs. The second you kill 1 noob the sweat will get to you in 2 seconds while you're healing or reloading and shoot you down. This is why one of my rules is NOT to play if there is more than 1 good player in the lobby (other than myself) but in BO4 they took away leaderboards + the way the matchmaking works it kept putting in the same lobby over and over regardless of how many times I quit.

I think it was exatly the matchmaking that made me uninstall at the end. Every lobby I joined it was nothing but people who had prestiged and prestige master and the few times there were noobs they were on my team (when playing any team based mode) where I end up getting destroyed by streaks later on in the game with everyone on my team going negative. And then when you try to leave and find new a game, it puts you in the same one over and over lol

Aim Assist is overwhelmingly strong in BO4, but it's predominantly left-stick (WASD), which requires you to be moving for it to kick in. lolpop likes to be static in engagements, hence why his AA doesn't work.
I mean there you go, this is what I'm talking about. It's all these stupid things combined.

The biggest adjustment has been to not stray in one spot for too long - if you're ADS for more than a second, chances are you're getting bum-rushed from behind, so keep moving!

I love rushing but I @#$% sure don't love it when the game encourages it and everyone is doing it, meanwhile the style that should be stronger - camping and defensive play is strongly nerfed. I see this more like a downgrade than something to adapt to. This is a military shooter after all lol

BO4 is slower and less vertical with a higher TTK than the last handful of CoD games, I can't see them dumbing it down any more to suit lolpop's playstyle.

Really ? Black Ops 4 was terrible the last time I played it. Team based was way too fast, way too much chaos, even in free for all I found myself shooting one guy and immediately getting killed from behind by a sweat with unlimited sprint jumping and sliding across the map. Black Ops 4 would only be playable with no specialists, (gear like acoustic censor allowed, as well as OP mods) , no cancel sliding, no slide jumping, no unlimited sprint. This is literally the only thing that could make this feel more like a cod game.

You sound like a grumpy old man who likes to hide in corners.

I'm a grumpy old man too, but I still enjoy BO4 precisely because most kids are faster and more skilled than me. It helps me to pick up my own game to compete.

If you want boots on the ground and some degree of realism, it might be time to play Battlefield.

The problem is that this is not what call of duty is. This movement meta only started after the exo suit cods and they have managed to keep it even with the boots on the ground games. Remove cancel sliding and slide jumping and the problem is easily solved.

Do you realize howoverpowered cancle sliding is ???? You can go from a standing position to a MOVING dropshot position in a few frames IN ANY DIRECTIOn and then cancel at any time and go from the moving dropshot position to a standing fully aimed down sight position in a few frames as well. If you think this is fear or balanced there is something wrong with you mentally.

And with how fast characters move in BO3 and BO4 this is completely unfair to anyone not doing it. As I said the game only rewards you for playing aggressively. And as I said earlier, I don't consider this agressive play, I consider this a circus and an embarrassment. It's annoying to do, it is annoying to see, and it is defiantly annoying to get killed by it even though you should have won the gunfight and you're oponent decided to do some weird completely unrealistic, super fast movement.

Because it seems your main argument is movement in the game. And again...it sounds like you're just not doing it as well as the competition, because you absolutely have the ability to do what they do.

My argument is that movement should NOT be as big a part to winning gunfights as it is right now. You can literally see someone and by the time you aim down your sight they would have slid in any direction and aimed down their sight and they kill you.

I can jump, slide and everything with ease, it's just that I don't believe these mechanics should give me a big advantage over the opponent. Remove cancel sliding and slide jumping and the problem is solved.

And this movement thing is NOT skill by the way. All one has to do is watch a video on youtube how to do it, how to get the most momentum, highest jump etc. and have scuff controller, a keyboard or something like that and it's super easy.

The only people who play like this are noobs trying to mask the fact that they suck, taking advantage of the developers lack of logic and understanding of what makes a game great. A CIRCUS defiantly doesn't.

This movement meta is completely brought back to what it used to bad back in the older cods.

I don't want to see any sliding and ESPECIALLY cancel sliding. If you start sliding you should not be able to instantly stop and aim at the speed of light. Neither should you be able to instantly jump or any of that. I don't want characters to move as fast as they do in black ops 4. (black ops 4's movement system is completely broken btw. Characters move so fast and their feet don't match their speed at all - total embarrassment). I also don't want to see any unlimited sprint if all the maps are on the smaller side.

I thought about it earlier and realized that this movement meta that started with the jetpacks is one of the main reasons I've been hating on the series so much and barely playing it. All the tryhards - slide jump , sprint slide jump sprint. It is way too fast, unpredictable and the aim assist doesn't even follow it perfectly the way it should most of the times. I am absolutely sick of seeing people playing like this be on top - people who would smacked horribly in older cods where there wasn't so much emphasis on aggressive play and punishing people for not wanting to take part in that.

It's not even aggressive play though, it is bs play. All these mechanics are completely unrealistic and stupid. I shouldn't have a super fast reaction just to be able to compete with people moving as fast as they have been in the last few titles. How come I never had this problem back in the day ? LIKE NEVER. It was because people moved slower and the aim assist was better.

In other words, you know it's gone bad. if you're sitting somewhere aiming down your sight, you know someone is coming but you end up dying or almost dying because they slid around the corner, then jumped, and the aim assist barely even did a thing while theirs was keeping them locked on target the whole time. This is the definition of bias, unfairness, no logic and just the franchise going in the exact direction I despise.

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