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General Discussion / colored keys G910
« on: 05:12 PM - 12/19/15 »
Hi All I just brought the Logitech G910 keyboard, I been using the cyber snipa since xim2 was release so I thought its time for a change, is there any way to have coloured keys when using xim4 its just blue when I plug it in.

Beta / Re: xim manager wont load on android
« on: 02:36 PM - 05/02/15 »
Thanks works great now and thanks for the quick reply.

Beta / xim manager wont load on android
« on: 07:44 AM - 05/02/15 »
Hi All

Been awhile  since I been on here or just any gaming  so last night I updated the firmware (21050112) and now I cant get xim manager to load on any android device.

every time I start xim manager on android the aim dot just keeps going round and round and wont load up,
I done the pairing and updated and  uninstall xim manager but still wont load up, I tried this on Sony z3 tablet, Sony mobile  and asus tablet but the same result on all three.

I had to use the Bluetooth on my PC to load a profile onto xim to get it to work.

any help would be great thanks.   

General Discussion / 770 GTX SLI or 780TI or 970 GTX
« on: 04:43 AM - 09/24/14 »
770 GTX SLI or 780TI or 970 GTX
Hi all I had my 770 GTX 2gb for a week now
Should I upgrade to another one in SLI mode or get 780TI or 970 GTX What would give the best frames.
I get about 90-110 frames on my rig playing bf4 on a 144 MHz monitor at high settings.
Do I really more frames to get the best out of my 144 MHz monitor?
What card better 780ti or 970 GTX?
Thanks for reading and any advice

General Discussion / Re: Monitor upgrade
« on: 11:24 AM - 09/10/14 »
Hi od1n I brought the BenQ XL2420Z 24 I having a few probs with it can I ask you a few qusetions?

1,What settings do you have for xbox1 or ps4 on the monitor also on the pc also?

2,sometimes I having trouble with the signal like when turning the xbox on or ps4 it don't pick up the signal  and the pc as well, I have to keep turning the devices on and off for it to pick up a signal.

3.I just move to display port from dual link (I heard it carry more bandwidth) what your resolution set at on pc mate.with display port its say (native) ultra hd 1080p at 60hz but dual link  says 1920x1080 at 144hz, I can set the display port at 920x1080 at 144hz but what the different? I thought the 3d wont work at ultra hd 1080p at 60hz but it does should i game at these settings?

4,using the display port, when booting my pc up it don't see the bios screen only when it s boots into windows i can see this being a problem if I need to go into bios or have to format pc.

5,What the built in IR Emitter for on the monitor its only lights up when using display port but I still have to use the nvidia  IR Emitter to get 3d to work.

thanks if you can answer any questions, technology moving to fast as I  getting older I  finding it hard to keep up to date. thanks     

General Discussion / Re: windows 8 experts
« on: 10:57 AM - 09/09/14 »
You can call microsoft support.  I have never waited more than 5 minutes to speak to someone.

thanks for the advice mate microsoft support was great and fixed my problem thanks again

General Discussion / windows 8 experts
« on: 04:57 PM - 09/08/14 »
Hi all is there any windows 8 experts on these forums or can point me to the right forums
I just tried to re installed windows 8 on my PC  (i doing a clean sweep) I done this many times with this key and this PC and works fine every time but this time its keeps saying cant couldn't verify product key and so it let me install windows 8 nothing change on my PC any ideals.

General Discussion / Re: Monitor upgrade
« on: 01:43 PM - 09/06/14 »
thats the one i got, its pretty fast with around 10ms inputlag

I no expert but  you said with  10ms inputlag but  benq says Response Time: 1ms
I not used Dual-Link before but do you find Dual-Link useful or not?
thanks again.

General Discussion / Re: Monitor upgrade
« on: 09:07 AM - 09/06/14 »
Thanks for the advice I was looking at the 24 model of  benq aswell,

General Discussion / Monitor upgrade
« on: 05:48 AM - 09/06/14 »
Hi all I trying to back into gaming after a 2 year  lay off after buying xim4 ps4 and xbox1  I need some advice on a monitor upgrade but do I need to up grade yet?
Been looking at these two monitors

or this 4k monitor for the same price, I have just upgraded my GPU to Asus GeForce GTX 770 DirectCU2 OC 4096MB GDDR5 so would my GPU handle this 4k monitor


I have two 23 inch monitors on my desk

PROLITE E2472HDDiagonal   24"
Response time   2 ms
Native resolution   Full HD 1080p, 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio   16 : 9

Response Time (ms)5
thanks for looking and for any advice

XIM 4 Discussions / ps4 mic
« on: 12:03 PM - 08/19/14 »
Hi Ximers its been awhile since I last post, just got my ps4 and xim4 i also have the old astro a40 headset with mixed amp is there any way to get the mic to work with ps4 also is there any reason why the ps4 standard mic dont work with xim4 plug inn, it will only works with the controller without the xim4.

General Discussion / Re: FFA in BO2 became worthless
« on: 03:48 PM - 11/14/12 »
been playing team death match a lot and getting my @#$% kick, finding it harder then any other cod games my  kd like 1.2 lol. how everyone else getting on with it?

XIM EDGE Discussions / usb cable
« on: 02:06 PM - 08/02/12 »
my edge has stop working it keeps powering off after playing about with it for the last hour i thought i try another USB cable and it works fine now,as i going from Xbox to PS3 the cable has must off got damage, would the cable below work?| so i don't have to keep on unplugging it or can someone recommend something else.


XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: 20120627 vs 20120713, PS3
« on: 02:29 PM - 07/16/12 »
Can you upgrade to 715?
just played an hour on 715 on PS and Xbox and no issues at all. 

XIM EDGE Discussions / 20120627 vs 20120713, PS3
« on: 01:14 PM - 07/16/12 »
first off i ordered my edge a few days ago and it came all the way to the UK in 2 days  :)awesome.

first thing i did was update to XIMEdgeManager  20120627 turn PS3 on and edge didn't work, mouse and keyboard lights going on then off (g500 mouse ,cyber snipa keyboard) the PS  Controller sometimes worked. after a few restarts mouse and keyboard was working but by the time the game loaded up edge wasn't working and sometimes the Controller as well then the edge got corruption seeing yellow,green and blue  so had to do factor restore.

i thought i try it on Xbox but i have no intention playing edge on Xbox as i have xim3 and it works fine every time.

so i updated edge to  20120713 and its been working fine  for the last two days  on PS3.

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