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Seriously, this is a game i could get my oldschool cod friends into... Seriously at least a timed release on ps4.  :'(

Also add wireless mouse and keys plus headset. The xim is versatile as hell.

General Discussion / Re: Share your R6 Siege best kills
« on: 03:07 AM - 01/20/17 »
Nice thread dude, lovin it.

Hate to necro, 150hrs played now. Can i say its worth an 800$ vr setup.. No. It is amazing with a hotas and vr but gotta wait until cheaper vr options are available. But elite is the most (probably only full fledged game besides ports) immersive game in vr, or just period. There is no game out there with immersion on par with elite in vr. I wouldve never bought it if i didnt have a vive. Besides onward, vr was pretty dissapointing until i found ED

This shouldve been a flagship title for vr... It is the definitive seated vr experience.

If i didnt have a vive id never play this game, but its so immersive in vr. The game is very lacking, i have to google anything i need to know on forums and its bassically flying a spaceship around. The best parts are dogfights but after grinding a couple zillion even that is boring. Seriously im surpassing cod hours played in a spaceship sim in vr... What is wrong with me? 😜

General Discussion / Re: Elite Controllers vs XIM4?
« on: 11:57 PM - 12/07/16 »
Wow $270 for a controller! I didnt realize they were that expensive. I guess its pretty much the same as xim+nice mouse+halfway decent keyboard tho when i think about it.

Because doom 3 bfg is open source it has been modded to work in full roomscale with motion controls on the htc vive. I really didnt expect this to be as good as it is until i played it... Its super scary in vr and the gunplay is on point. Really cool im loving it... Heres a vid of someone playing it...



Def one of the coolest things to happen in vr. Lovin it.

General Discussion / Re: Shooter Of The Year
« on: 11:19 PM - 11/27/16 »
Overwatch is the only one thats remotely fresh this year. I enjoyed it on pc, wouldnt play it on console though, too many variables to account for. Itd be pretty difficult to get consistent performance across all characters even with a xim id imagine. Playing it with a controller is just not an option.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: VOTE BEST FPS 4Q 2016
« on: 01:55 AM - 11/24/16 »
For me itd be a tough choice between r6 and overwatch. As for the others bring absolutely NOTHING new to the table. They are all games I've been playing for the passed decade or so. Also respawn made a lot of questionable choices in the design of tf2 to make it more casual friendly.

Also r6 suffers heavily from "peekers advantage" in the way the net code works. Usually the person moving will see their opponent first. They have taken steps to mitigate that in recent patches, but itll always be there to some extent. Always good to strafe fast in a gunfight and "bobble peek" if you have the oppurtunity.

Im pretty bored of bf1 myself, dissapointed in tf 2, and out of all these games seige is the one that produces a desire to practice and get better. Im surprised siege is doing so well, i thought it was going to be one of those games that only i liked haha.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: K&M vs Controller | Call Of Duty
« on: 04:01 PM - 11/06/16 »
Its just practice, youll get used to it soon. Glad you are enjoying the mouse and keys though!

I have a vive and a 1070, if you guys get the vive the game onward is a must. For a little bit there it saved my vive from collecting dust. Keep in mind that there are no triple a games on the vive yet. Some great indie @#$% like onward but nothing really that maximizes the performance of your rig and vr with a good story and gameplay combined. Sad but true. This is the biggest advantage sony has in vr.

You can always measure your hip turn distance and your ads turn distance to try and tweak them to be similar. Ive had success with that but had to turn my hip sessetivity way down. It will probably never be perfect though. It did help me in a time where i was going back and forth from pc to console often. Also i was playing a game with very high turn speeds.

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