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Anyone have a configs built for PvZ Garden Warfare yet?

Configurations and Requests / Skyrim config?
« on: 10:55 PM - 11/13/11 »
I know its silly since Skyrim is on the PC as well. Figured my PC wouldn't be up to snuff so went with the xbox, I didn't play the previous ones so didn't realize there would be alot of aiming. :)

I saw some configs on the xim3 side but they don't seem to working for me at all. They were all VERY jumpy even with smooth and the accel seemed way off.

Played with it for a few hours but didn't yield any real results. not sure if I am using the deadzoner right but it shows the right stick deadzone off center. is that a issue with my hardware?


XIM 2 Discussions / drop shot macro setup help
« on: 02:46 AM - 04/20/11 »
i was thinking about mapping my crouch and ADS to same bind for easy mode drop shots on a run and gun class.

i could see problems arousing when trying to shoot from distance on certain terrains or while from cover.

is there a way to bind a button (crouch) to two keys to help counter-act this?

or heck if there was a way i could setup up a bind to temp disable the crouch portion that would be perfect.

TIA for any help!

General Discussion / Re: aim assist
« on: 05:50 PM - 04/15/11 »
Aim assist pisses me off sometimes. For example, when you play with a particular sensitivity a long time... you get attached to it. You know exactly how much to move your mouse for X distance. Muscle memory. Flick shots. etc. But then, Mr. Aim Assist decides to screw you in the arse. I zoom in on an enemy, and I'm not quite on him, so I go to move my mouse a bit to the right and shoot. But I @#$% miss. Why? The aim assist slows my movement to what feels like -500% and I never even moved my crosshair on the guy. [email protected]$%^@$%^[email protected]%^

Then there's the noob tube incidents, which don't really bother me (lol). The aim assist will kind of lock on someone, but I'm like "Dammit! I need to aim up so it will travel far enough to hit him. I don't want to aim ON him!"

It's no biggie though.

there is option to disable aim assist in both black ops and MWF2 if it is causing you  more harm than good.

From some of the things I had been reading people made it seem like it was helpful. Mine is enabled but I do not notice it in the slightest.

General Discussion / aim assist
« on: 05:14 PM - 04/15/11 »
I see a lot of people talking about aim assist combined with XIM. When I play on the xbox controller I can really notice the aim assist (in MWF2 and Black Ops at least). But using the XIM i don't feel or see it at all.

Do others really notice it while using the XIM? Does aim assist only work when in ADS?

I am coming from computer gaming so have no exp with these things and I am all about having an advantage. :)

TIA for any assistance!

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