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I had some hope for the BinBok joycons but I canít seem to get them to work

Wow i have just learned about the BinBok joycons! Those look amazing, and also have a lot of buttons!
Which of these do you have and what exactly doesnt work with them in regard to XIM Apex?

The one on the far right looks like a perfect Sony Nav replacement tbh!

Hmmm! The N64 one seems interesting...something that may work for my humongous hands

actually I am now looking at this one...


still trying to decide if its worth the investment

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: How soon is very very soon?
« on: 06:50 AM - 03/16/23 »
As a tester I can tell you the outcome is amazeballs

antithesis right now:


Try bribing the beta testers. I'm sure if you offer 5K someone will sell theirs.

Pretty sure the NDA has a 250k breach clause to avoid such things ;D

They can always do the bribing in China:)

General Discussion / Re: Xim apex and cronus zen
« on: 11:46 AM - 03/06/23 »
I would like to ask if someone does know anything about the apex and the zen combined. Preferably a script or setup. I know about the bad compactability and the input delay spare me that. Just want some help from people who know more then me about it thatís all. Thx in advance;)

First... don't cheer for the opposing team in the home team's stadium :), just common sense. Second I suggest you join their discord, you do need to own a ZEN as they require you to use the zen serial number to join...i think that is still a thing... Third if you do join be ready to be sustain some abuse and never question their admin as you will get ban with no noticed. Other than that you will probably find countless youtubers selling you scripts left and right and of of course they are all "Aimbot Meta". but as of 2 weeks ago, zen/apex with xbox worked and zen/apex and remote play is still working.

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: Give us something!!!!
« on: 06:54 AM - 02/28/23 »
How I imagine OBsIV at the moment...

the PSRC?

I will use it on VirtualBox.
Please invite invite me to the test of the PSRC.

If anyone knows where could I download from,
please notify me.

best regards.


General Discussion / Re: End of xim on rainbow six siege
« on: 02:19 PM - 02/22/23 »
Wow! I don't even play Siege but this is some interesting reading lol.

Also what happened to TuffRabbit? wasnt he like an administrator here or something?

Anyway for  the last 3 months I have been working in some Omron machine learning stuff here at work, well mostly watching and testing lol...the engineer does all the work. and I can tell you the level of AI human assistance that can be achieve is just insane, and that just cameras looking at a screen. We are witnessing the birth of Skynet... lol!.

I cant even imagine what people will come up to cheat or "assist" to win in the future. I would say XIM like devices should be that last thing they should be worrying about.

Technical Support / Re: HELP ME
« on: 05:46 AM - 02/20/23 »
may be getting this data could help?

not sure if the logs in the apex may help.


Technical Support / Re: HELP ME
« on: 08:40 AM - 02/19/23 »
if it flashes yellow/whiteish then is a power issue. I suggest you list all of the components of your current set up, this will make it way easier to help.

General Discussion / Re: Besavior is on sale
« on: 10:59 AM - 02/15/23 »
I just got my besavior todays

Tried it with xim apex and it works natively on PS5 games. Seems just about as smooth as native input but I donít have good testing equipment.

Anyone have any questions or wants me to run any tests?

Itís nice to have native input instead of remote play as you do lose a couple accessibility features when you use remote play.

I plant to use this with the matrix when that comes out for native non-RP gameplay

Actually I have a question...

if you set the rapid fire in the Besavior, does it work while connected with the xim. so in simple words, does the cheats in the besavior work with the xim?

Thanks  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Besavior is on sale
« on: 10:54 AM - 02/15/23 »

I plant to use this with the matrix when that comes out for native non-RP gameplay

Wait is that even an available option with the matrix?

For me: hell yeah :-)

I Sold my apex for 100Ä and now i cant wait for the Matrix ^^

Never sell xim products sir.

I have a xim shrine of past xim products.... Xim edge, xim4, xim apex and a picture of antithesis that I have laminated for easy cleaning if you catch my drift.

Autographed by Sohikun? :)

Lol! u guys know the comment was made here in the XIM forums...the reddit sub was a screenshot of the xim post.


I am sure it was just a comment to over exaggerate the feelings of the OP. but yes suicided should never be taken as a joke.

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: mouse venom tuact
« on: 11:27 AM - 02/09/23 »
The transceiver for the venom x4 wand is actually built-in on to the Venom X box (transceiver). There is no separate dongle for the wan (not sure if any other revisions added one). the "PC mode" is done by connecting the transceiver to a PC and not connecting a controller. as soon as you connect a supported controller, it will auto detect the console...so it will change modes depending on the controller connected. I never tried using it with XIM, I only used the venom for 10 minutes :). I still have it, but its on storage right now. if I get to it someday, I'll test.
greetings friend, could you test with the venomx through the xim ??? Thanks and sorry for bothering

Sorry bud, I got the venom X4 back when XIM4 came out. Since then its been somewhere in storage with the rest of all other crap I could not bring with me when I moved and I will not be going to Florida until September. Maybe then if a remember I'll look for it. Trust me you are not missing much...

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