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General Discussion / Re: GTX 1080 or wait for AMD RX 490?
« on: 12:17 AM - 09/29/16 »
1995 ATI called, asked if AMD had written more than two good drivers with two game releases in a row that worked great. 2016 AMD replied no. (same @#$% different decade)

use nvidia. much less headache across the board. it's why they beat AMD down to 1/5-1/3 of the market place.

General Discussion / Re: Zowie support ?
« on: 05:39 PM - 05/18/16 »
idk on xim support, but when the logitech g9x went out of production Zowie became my go-too mice.

Love my za-13 right now. so quick!

General Discussion / Re: ...Is toysrme dead ?
« on: 10:42 PM - 05/05/16 »
Toys, it's time to bring back the Doubles GB team for the CoD4 remaster :D
ooooh my god
heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy pauuuul!

naw man, no console for me. PC all the way. i haz an xbone, but haven't booted it in maybe a year?

if you wanna play the PC version im down tho! <3

build looks good.

that new skylake is a straight beast. especially with multi-gpu

General Discussion / Re: cgts rtmoose
« on: 11:34 PM - 06/12/15 »
like seriously, he had a set of twins!

General Discussion / cgts rtmoose
« on: 08:40 PM - 06/08/15 »
on the twins

Tig 316 stainless, black iron like, copper Nicole
Vertical flux core
Tig aluminum

not impossible, just more difficult.

there are some good DIY cockpit / sim pit designs around. i promise, a jig saw / circular saw / routers are easier than welding ;) even if the end result seems more bulky & heavy.


yes, i went to school for it and do it for a living.

Can I use MIG welding to weld Aluminium?
I know aluminium comes in different consistencys, but can you still weld different strengths of aluminium together?
depends on the metallurgy. but generally you use 4043 or 5356 filler for what you would find on a bike, depending on what you wanted
In my local scrap yard I see lots of old bike frames, some with quite funky designs, that I could incorporate into my SimRig to make it more bespoke..
Obviously some bike manufacturers sell a bike on the strength of materials use in said frame, so not all are the same..
most use 7005, tho some use common 6061
If this is something that I can make happen? If so then its onto the next question..
i wouldn't recommend it. i would recommend steel. welding is not easy to pickup and do without training. aluminum, specifically is not newbie friendly. it also requires prep work.
Can you weld steel and aluminium together?
technically yes, by using explosive welding, or by cold welding. (literally a ginourmous press that swirls a friction head against metals and fuses anything together. NASA invented it)
And if so can that be done with a MIG welder?
Use entirely steel, and have a frame that has more right angles then i originally wanted..
Or Build a steel or wooden base! and still go with the aluminum bike frame idea, but find a way to bolt it down.
most DIY cockpits are made of simple 1/2-5/8" MDF & plywood. i would suggest that or steel. tho i would suggest wooden cockpit for DIY, or buy a metal one. volair if you're cheap. obutto revolution if you have $1000 to drop on the thing + 3 monitor stand + those awesome acrylic tables

the problem is never ask what components.
ask what budget. budget is everything.

toms normally updates guides pretty well. avoid anything AMD tho. performance is so bad at this point they dont even compete in price/performance anymore on the CPU side & featuresets are pretty lacking.

General Discussion / Re: Gaming chair
« on: 11:19 PM - 04/09/15 »

General Discussion / Re: What is your opinion of VR today?
« on: 11:16 PM - 04/09/15 »
neighbor across the street had the virtualboy when i was 4-5. played it, thought it was awesome.

ill buy CV1 when it comes out near regardless of competition just because oculus has done seemingly all the legwork of bringing VR to us. they should be rewarded.
AFA what's out right now. i have carl ziess cinemizers for my FPV/rc stuff and a trackir5. works amazing for Rc. for games tho the narrow FOV and resolution is a killer for it. i used it a few times in star citizen & didn't get horribly motion sick from it.

last big push! 85k left with 18 hours to go!

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