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Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 12:30 PM - 02/04/19 »

Are you using the universal default recon layout for all games? The button list was created with this layout.

ODST's button actions are slightly different from Halo 3.

Yeah  recon as default... it's just some of the commands have been left out, not mislabeled, only in H4.  To be fair, the in game button map leaves the ordinance call-in commands out. 

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 05:37 AM - 01/31/19 »
Any notes on the MCC update?  is this an update to the translator for the "classic" look mechanics or is it for "modern" and if so, what In-game settings should we chose for the game(s)


Edit saw the settings thread

Now that I've gone through the Halo 4 rebuilding, I've noticed in the config editor, left bumper is "unused" when that is "sprint" in-game.  Same with left and right d-pad, those both switch grenades unless you have ordinance, in which case left, down, and right are used to call in your options.  I recall not getting my configs completely mapped last time there was a major update but I noticed this time. 

St's feel great now.  I turned all my accelerations up to 10 and this is the best MCC has felt for me.  4 configs now only.  Though IDK why they have a separate one for ODST...

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 12:34 AM - 01/17/19 »
Looks like the MCC "classic" is what the current ST's are based off of, modern added a bunch of accel and deadzone settings.  So in the mean time the ST's feel ok (they were awful and jittery there for a bit) but maybe we can get some sort of optimization out of the modern settings...

Support / Re: XIM 4 disconnecting
« on: 04:17 AM - 01/08/19 »
The only thing I can think of is maybe either my G500 or my G13 are shorting out?  I may have had this problem with an old  G500 on the XIM3. 

Support / [ACTIVE] XIM 4 disconnecting
« on: 11:59 PM - 01/07/19 »
the XIM will stay on, but the peripherals all turn off.  I have to reconnect the XIM which takes me out of the game for a good 30 seconds.  I'm running the latest firmware and everything.  This is a new problem that just started a few months ago and is getting worse.  I've tried a new micro USB.  I would really prefer to not have to use a powered hub that only adds to this mess of cables.  Is this the end of my XIM4? Do I need to upgrade to the apex now and drop $100?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 03:41 AM - 01/03/19 »
I've heard there's a new MCC look mechanic updates in the works, either in the Insider program or coming to that soon.  In case you were planning on doing that one soon, you might want to wait. 

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 01:41 PM - 12/06/18 »
I'm stoked for the MCC ST's.  I wonder if the new deadzone and accel. settings in game will get these feeling closer to pc-like than before.  H2 I had to put their deadzone to like 18% to get rid of the zig zag but everything else isn't too messed up.  It appears they also got rid of H2A specific settings, I wonder if they merged to two game's aim mechanics?

General Discussion / Re: How often do you buy a new mouse?
« on: 02:37 AM - 02/17/17 »
The same G500 (and G13) from about 9 years ago.  Man I love Logitech.  Only the paint on the G13's keys is starting to wear off. 

General Discussion / Re: TN or IPS
« on: 02:32 AM - 02/17/17 »
I have a dell S2716DG and I absolutely love it. 

General Discussion / Native Xbox ONE M/KB support
« on: 10:07 PM - 07/26/15 »
Looks like m$ might be enabling support to some degree.  JackFrags talks about it in this video:

Member Projects / Re: Homemade Gaming Lap Desk
« on: 09:35 PM - 04/05/15 »
I really want to get a Tesla.  The S class is a bit outside my price range since I just bought a house, and I really don't like the look of the X.  Hopefully in a few years they will have a cheaper sedan that doesn't look ridiculous.  I would sell my left nut right now if they had a hatchback...

General Discussion / Re: Dying light (PC)
« on: 02:48 PM - 04/04/15 »
Great looking game.  Max everything on 2 GTX 760's an a steady 100 fps, sometimes higher inside buildings.  I think it's really boring at first, no, frustrating, because of how ineffective weapons are.  But after you get some money, a modded sword, the grappling hook, and a few rifles, the game becomes fun. 

RML - http://www.cnet.com/news/best-low-lag-hdtvs-for-serious-gamers/

There's a good list of low-lag tv's for gaming.  I'd do a similar search for projectors, as the quality and price have improved drastically. 

Then, if you go with a projector, you should also build some theater style seating.  basically a platform behind a couch where you can set another couch, if you expect to entertain people. 

of course, a pretty awesome surround sound system, at least 2000W

search ebay for RGB LED, and you should find some remote controlled RGB strips complete with a remote, 5-10m of (I recommend the non-waterproof) self-adhering LED's, receiver, and power supply.  These things are pretty sweet and can add a lot to the room.  Never game in pitch black!  I tend to use red or blue ambient light. 

General Discussion / Dying light (PC)
« on: 03:44 PM - 04/02/15 »
Just wondering if anyone is playing this on PC.  I would really like a buddy to play Co-op with.  My other friend convinced me to get it so he would have someone to play it with, and about 2 weeks in, said he was bored with it. 

HUGE bump. 

I'm like, really into aquariums now.  But hey, I purify water for a living...

The planted tropical 55 gallon.  Those are all real plants. 

The 200 gallon.  It has two turtles in it, and two of those goldfish are 11 inches long!

I also have ferrets.  Four of them. 

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