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Title: Xim apex dpi
Post by: Aor3a on 08:54 AM - 11/25/21
I have a question for ObsIv why do you say to use max dpi but the community says to use between 3000 and 4000 also what dpi is better max dpi or the community's recommendation?
Title: Re: Xim apex dpi
Post by: prototipo13 on 09:24 PM - 11/26/21
Im older xim player and ....
For me 80% game feel best with 12000dpi ( no more no less )
Sometime have a exception , exemple cold war ( i use 4200dpi )
But generaly 12k feel best.

The importante point is the sensor of your mouse , optical ( hero , 3363 and steelserirs sensor )

My best mouse is the g502 hero and steelseries rival 600

Regard you :)
Title: Re: Xim apex dpi
Post by: Od1n on 10:16 PM - 11/26/21
Its a very old statement that hasnt been changed for like 5-10 years now. Back then max DPI meant 1600-3200 DPI usually.
In theory more DPI is better as it reduces the XIM sensitivity interpolation. After a certain point you get diminishing returns though as more DPI will not really result in a noticeably better performance. More DPI will still be better, but you wont notice the difference anymore.
Next to that there is aim assist, which based on community feedback and extensive testings performs best between 3000-4000 DPI. This is also the point where more DPI will hardly make any difference anymore.

As for the statement, it makes sense to keep it. It ensures the user utilizes at least 3000 DPI or more. Its easier to comprehend by less tech savy users as "Please use at least 3000 DPI". The latter will just raise questions compared to "use max DPI".
Title: Re: Xim apex dpi
Post by: Aor3a on 05:55 PM - 12/04/21
What about synchronization should I use common for rb6 because i play on the old console with 60fps or should I use default? And will there be any noticeable benefits to using common over default because I play 60 frames?
Title: Re: Xim apex dpi
Post by: Od1n on 06:11 PM - 12/04/21
Sync is primarily personal preference, except for Slow all of the sync presets play amazingly well in 60fps games :).