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Title: [ACTIVE] Keyboard not working
Post by: xAzrxeI on 03:48 AM - 11/21/21
Hello everyone!
I got my XIM Apex yesterday; everything worked fine until today. When I plug my keyboard (Razer blackwidow v3 mini), it doesnít appear on the app and doesnít turn on my keyboard. I tried connecting the keyboard directly to XIM, and it appeared in the app. After I plugged it back to xim apex USB hub, nothing changed, my mice and controller turned on, but the keyboard didnít. What should I do? I have the latest firmware on xim
Title: Re: Keyboard not working
Post by: mist4fun on 10:13 AM - 11/22/21
Welcome to the community. It may help to swap the mouse and keyboard cable positions at the hub. Starting APEX without the keyboard attached and then connecting it after startup may help too.