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Title: ADS fine tuning
Post by: knox66 on 11:12 PM - 11/19/21
Hi all. I have a general ADS question. I have noticed that i have a hard time keeping the cursor locked on one set target (no AA ties to the target) while i strafe.

In the clip attached i try to keep the crosshairs on the top left corner of the red box. As you see there are moments where it slides off the target and then its a game of catch up/fall behind trying to keep it locked on.

My question is this just a me problem and i need to get good? Could there be some settings i can tweak to help smooth this out? or am i just nit picking and this is just the way it is?

Title: Re: ADS fine tuning
Post by: Nataliy on 12:30 AM - 11/20/21
At least indicated the mouse settings and the type of curve, some people like such twitching)
Title: Re: ADS fine tuning
Post by: knox66 on 08:43 AM - 11/20/21
Ads is 1:1 with a x/y of 1.15. I have tried with the x/y as a 1 but is still there. 1k polling with 8k dpi. I tested diffent levels of dpi with a max at 12k but felt 8k was best In game.

The mouse is a swift point z and the pad is a artesian HAYATEOTSU.

Really though even as I play with the settings it's still there. At first I thought it was my G hard mouse pad or the Logitech g501 mouse so I swamped those out. Then I looked at grip to make sure my palm wasn't dragging on the pad.

So after all of that I just wonder I this is just the way it's supposed to work? If not then I am looking as possible ways to address it.
Title: Re: ADS fine tuning
Post by: jerrylee on 11:19 AM - 11/20/21
I've noted that you don't have problem to maintain the crosshair on the top left of the box when you are strafing right.

Maybe is easier for your hand to go right to left than left to right.