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Title: [ACTIVE] Logitech G Pro superlight
Post by: lamaoman on 06:39 PM - 10/12/21
Does anyone know if the Logitech G pro superlight work with Xim apex. I updated my Xim apex to the latest beta version and have my mouse working on memory mode. The problem is that it wonít even realize Iím using the superlight . I tried my Logitech g502 wireless and it registers fine . Please help
Title: Only Mouse Or Only keyboard works
Post by: lamaoman on 11:17 PM - 10/12/21
When I plug in my razor huntsman te my Logitech g pro superlight wonít register but if take out the keyboard and leave just the mouse in , itíll register the superlight pro. The xim apex will register both keyboard and mouse when I use my Logitech g502 light speed so can anyone tell me the issue . Does the superlight require more power or something even though it has no lights on the mouse it self .
Title: Re: Logitech G Pro superlight
Post by: Od1n on 01:09 AM - 10/13/21

yes it works with the XIM. How did you connect it? Via its wireless adapter or via cable?
I could see a cable connection being an issue as the mouse might turn into charging mode, which will could exceed the powerdraw limit and this the XIM shuts it down to prevent damage from the console USB port.
Title: Re: [ACTIVE] Logitech G Pro superlight
Post by: lamaoman on 09:44 AM - 10/13/21
I connected through wireless usb mode , it connects when I take out my keyboard but as soon as I plug in my keyboard it disconnects and only keyboard shows. Is it a power issue?
Title: Re: [ACTIVE] Logitech G Pro superlight
Post by: mist4fun on 04:30 PM - 10/13/21
Given that other combinations of peripherals are working and not this one that's a possibility. If you would like to test against power there are two options. A powered hub can be used in place of the APEX hub, the hub would need to include it's own AC adapter. USB 2.0 hubs have official support but 3.0 hubs are reported by the community to work as well. The second option is to add a power adapter to APEX's hub. APEX supports power adapters using the spec below and can be found on amazon or ebay. To prevent damage to your peripherals do not use a power adapter that doesn't match this spec and do not use a power adapter with an adjustable voltage switch.

5V 3A power adapter  ([3.5mm x 1.35mm], center-positive)