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Title: [ACTIVE] flash tool
Post by: powerboy on 12:58 AM - 10/12/21
hello there im having  2 problems, 1 i cant find flash tool or when clicking Download XIM APEX Firmware Tool 20200307 for PC nothing happens even though im on pc .2 when trying to connect my phone on ximapex manager for the first time it keeps crashing and not connecting, ive tried deleted the app and powering off phone but none work. when its in the xbox its green.
Title: Re: flash tool
Post by: Od1n on 02:35 AM - 10/12/21

you can solve the crashing issue by upgrading both your XIM Firmware and XIM Manager to these beta versions:

For the download to work either deactivate your ad-blocker or right click the link and then pick save target as.