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Title: Xim + cronus Zen work perfectly
Post by: modblaster on 08:47 PM - 09/30/21
It work 100% well on xbox series x
Title: Re: Xim + cronus Zen work perfectly
Post by: Od1n on 09:18 PM - 09/30/21
Because of its odd 10 millisecond process loop no, it doesnt work well with the XIM. It works somewhat acceptable at best, and the requirements to get the Zen running on a PlayStation with the XIM are also quite strict. Because of that a Titan Two is the much better choice. It has very good XIM compatibility, has the better features and also the better dev team. If you ever find yourself having to choose between the Zen and the Titan Two you should go for the latter.
XIM should obviously be your first choice as it offers the best mouse movements ;).
Title: Re: Xim + cronus Zen work perfectly
Post by: juroz on 04:05 PM - 10/18/21
I have the titan two but have many connect problems to authenticate. I just ordered the chronus. We will see with is better
Title: Re: Xim + cronus Zen work perfectly
Post by: antithesis on 05:08 PM - 10/18/21
Connection problems are usually related to the USB cable from the controller to Titan Two. It can also be a power issue (add a power supply).

Titan Two's processing loop runs at sub-1ms. Input and Output polling can sync perfectly with XIM APEX at all Response Rates.

Despite being capable of polling at 1ms, the best a Zen processing loop can perform is 4.5ms, which will max out the CPU and cause input lag. All of their Gamepacks run at 10ms, which adds lag to XIM input and can cause USB desync.

Running Zen at 4ms polling (250Hz) should prevent USB desync, but there's still an internal desync with the processing loop.
Title: Re: Xim + cronus Zen work perfectly
Post by: Scrotesmd2 on 02:29 AM - 10/19/21
I had a Cronus and I can tell anyone reading this that it doesn't work well with xim. Sure the anti recoil scrips work but it overall feels different and slightly sluggish when using it .  I think it's the delay but for me it's noticeable and impacts the nice smooth feeling with xim alone. Id avoid it for sure if anyone is considering it. It also makes games less fun when you don't need to control the recoil yourself. I have very good recoil control anyway so if anything I'd say Cronus put me at a disadvantage..
Title: Re: Xim + cronus Zen work perfectly
Post by: juroz on 07:59 AM - 10/19/21
I have good USB cables and i buy new ones every few months because i know its importent.

I have ordered the Cronus Zen and the titan two Gen2. I still have the titan two gen 1 so maybe there is a different. when i got then i will try them both out and share my experience.

But what i really hope is that i get the XIM link to work someday... The few weeks i got it running it was great but i can't find the problem why it keeps crashing. I cant find a error log.