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Title: [ACTIVE] Xim apex not recognizing xbox controller
Post by: koreanation on 11:19 AM - 04/06/21
Hello, I have a xbox series x(with the updated xim that works with series x controller) and I've had a xim for a good amount of time but now every time I try to play with it, either the controller continues to blink and doesnt turn on or turns on but kbm doesn't work.  I went on the app and the xbox controller shows but whenever I press a key it doesn't translate it to the xim.  I've tried to update my xim and it now says there is an error with it so now the question is, is my controller not authenticating or is it something with my xim. 
Title: Re: Xim apex not recognizing xbox controller
Post by: mist4fun on 04:35 PM - 04/06/21
Welcome to the community. Is APEX disconnected before the console is turned on? It expects this and there can be startup issues if connected before the console is on.

About your question, there are ways to verify the state of your hardware to help isolate the cause.

We can check if the controller is authenticating using direct connection, this is needed for your mouse and keyboard to work. To do this, please remove the hub and then disconnect and reconnect APEX to the console with the controller directly connected to APEX while watching APEX's startup light sequence. Do you see 4 green lights during this sequence? For reference the startup light sequence should look similar to this:

red, green, blue
green, green, green, green

If you do not see 4 green lights at startup and you have spare data cables it may help to test these spare cables with the controller.