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Title: PS4, no audio.
Post by: Jez on 06:47 PM - 03/14/21
Does anyone know why I can't get audio when my headset is plugged into the controller on PS4? I've tried two different controllers and even used a magic-s to convert inputs into the xim (so using a xbox one controller on ps4... it works but same issue as the PS4 controller. No audio) I've tried looking everywhere for a solution and all it says is to use a slim/pro controller (which i am). Still not working.
Title: Re: PS4, no audio.
Post by: OBsIV on 07:48 PM - 03/14/21
If you are using a Gen2 DS4 (with the light bat showing through the touchpad on the top), then, can you tell us if everything else is working other than audio (mouse is working through XIM correctly, etc)?