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Title: XIM APEX with NACON 3rd joystic + TITAN TWO
Post by: Inzagis on 05:59 AM - 03/05/21
Hi, guys have a little problem. I have PS5 and before use DS4 from ps4 for using xim apex with titan two. And it's works great.

BUT now I buy a NACON 3rd joystic for xim apex for using 120hz for Cod Cold War. Now xim apex works great with 3rd nacon joystic with 120hz, but when I connect to titan two it's not working..? how to fix it? titan two show me A U some error i think and can't use,play any think it's like frezzing. problem it's nacon 3rd joystic? because when use DS4 it's work , but only 60hhz.. :((

Thank you!