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Title: Pubg xbox players
Post by: Herpityderp on 04:36 AM - 02/12/21
Hey y'all, xbox xim player here. Wanted to play with and spectate some other users so we could learn from each other and experienceddifferent styles of xim play and hopefully adapt some to our own.

Not looking to form a competitive squad or some xim super team to just try and dominate or enter tournaments, just a group of people who casually play to try and better the other players and themselves. I think because pubg is such a strange unique game in terms of mechanics, I think we could all benefit.

Leave your GT here or PM me, and I'll add you. Cheers, I'm on the NA servers but am open to playing in any region besides Oceania.
Title: Re: Pubg xbox players
Post by: kasperdaghxst on 12:51 AM - 08/11/21