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Title: Apex Xim Feature: "Maximum Outer Threshold X" and "Maximum Outer Threshold Y %"
Post by: r0ger on 11:20 AM - 01/13/21
I would like to point out that this is a very important feature to consider. Because it would completely defeat aim acceleration in some games and would allow you to move in the opposite direction quicker, because you'd be closer to the opposite axis. bonus, you could increase some sensitivities in some games to the actual maximum and still feel the crosshairs are slower, and the aim acceleration reduced. these settings of course would just cut the threshold at the current ballistics curve position. Please consider!
Title: Re: Apex Xim Feature: "Maximum Outer Threshold X" and "Maximum Outer Threshold Y %"
Post by: r0ger on 11:37 AM - 01/13/21
The main problem is Input Translators, I want to cap the analog sticks at 75% x and 75% y. But because all input translators are based on 0% to 100%, I get inaccurate mouse movement because it always wants to go past 100%, in terms of your sensitivity. Capping the x or y axis at percentages could be a breakthrough for some game like Destiny 2, because the Apex Xim translator is broken for that game because making the X axis perfect makes the Y axis go way to fast.

the X/Y ratio does nothing because the ballistics curve X and Y are still the same and you can only cap both at once.

Another reason I suggest this feature is because fast mouse movement is ever so inconsistent, a maximum threshold would simulate analog movement at the capped speed, in FPS games, you could predict the hit rather than rely on the slowdown of the mouse which might not work in all games.