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Title: Secondary w key
Post by: Dayyox on 04:05 PM - 10/31/20
So I want to keep my w key as walk forward but I also want my mouse wheel up to be the secondary key as well is there a way to do this? Thanks
Title: Re: Secondary w key
Post by: MindControlZombies on 09:06 AM - 11/16/20
Is it not the case the Secondary buttons are now under the Aim Down Sights page
which you bring up by un-ticking the box that asks you if you want to transfer the
same button selection to ADS? I only had a brief look at it the on Saturday
not set mine up for ages, I installed the newer beta firmware.

I would happily give up the number of configs for space to run 3 sets of buttons
1 for hip 1 for ads and 1 for a constant set that runs while either Hip or ADS is in use.