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Title: [ACTIVE] ADS issue
Post by: Hoodlum on 07:18 PM - 10/29/20
Hi, when using my right mouse button to ADS in a gun fight, in Destiny 2, it occasionally descopes and gets all wonky and aims all over the place.  What's up?

Anyone else ever experience this before?

PS4 Pro with Samsung SSD

Manager: 5.00.20190804
Firmware: 5.00.20200307
Mouse: G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming 1000hz (set to 500hz and 6,400 DPI)
Keyboard: G213 Gaming Keyboard
Xim is also set to 500hz
Using Default Sync with 1 smoothing (but this changes quite often)

I think the issue usually happens when I use steady aim or simulate analog behaviour.

I should also not that the xim usb dongle has disconnected from the xim and has gotten stuck in my ps4 several times.  I simply plug it back in and everything seems fine.  It's a shame the xim apex is so fragile and will come apart simply from pulling it out of the PS4 usb...
Title: Re: ADS issue
Post by: mist4fun on 09:06 AM - 10/30/20
I don't remember if Destiny 2 is toggle ADS? Descoping can happen if holding RMB in a toggle ADS game.

Later versions of the G502 are known to have issues with their button switches so it might be this too. Testing another mouse can test against the button issue.