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Title: Hunt: Showdown - New config
Post by: DedKat on 12:00 PM - 09/19/20
Hi everyone. So recently, with the latest update of Hunt: Showdown 1.4.3, apart from the clearly documented updates, I felt that the movement and look mechanic was somehow improved and/or smoothed out as well.

I know that Xim has previously stated that they are not going to publish an official ST for the game, and so be it.

Thus, I decided to create a new custom ST as my previous Warface ST is now, with the latest update outdated and inaccurate.

As such I am going to build from scratch, or more specifically Generic Profile Epsilon, a custom ST. .

If anyone has some experience or input to provide, that would be great, as I would very much like this to be a community driven project.

Also, is their any way to get a copy of the Xim endorsed ST for Hunt: Showdown, which was pulled of the tool around March 2020? I know its not up to Xim Standards, I just would like to plot a path to work against.

As this little project progresses, I will post my updates here, and hopefully within the next weeks a final product.

Title: Re: Hunt: Showdown - New config
Post by: Scarvers on 11:13 PM - 09/20/20
I really would love to see the old setting... I thought it was just fine... but something... I havent played hunt showdown since they took down the original setting...

Would love to see the old setting and also if this helps OP work out something new that would be great as well....

Also some official word on this would be great... is there anything with the new update that would allow them to bring back a new setting?
Title: Re: Hunt: Showdown - New config
Post by: braddock on 11:48 AM - 09/24/20
hello !
i play with the controler since the beginning, the game does not allow good settings for Xiim i think, anyway there is many guys playing m/k, one i know is "TechnikKowal-PL" 46 on leaderbord PS4, you just have to watch is killing ratio and you see what i mean... i dont know if is playing with xim or another system, but it looks good for him.
the xim management is such a @#$%, why can they make a decent ST for this game... Noooooo they just give up!
we gives them money and thats what we get !
So yes ! i'am realy proud of you if you arrive to make something nice with this
Title: Re: Hunt: Showdown - New config
Post by: LawsyR1 on 12:42 AM - 09/29/20

I am a massive fan of Hunt, thats why i bought the Xim primarily.  I would love to help if I could but i don't know much yet.  I made a config from the Borderlands 3 ST as advised and it kind of works but I don't have anything to compare it to.

Just piping in as I'd like to be in the loop for when this gets updated.

Thanks for looking into this.


Title: Re: Hunt: Showdown - New config
Post by: braddock on 02:58 AM - 10/03/20
Hello !
if one of you have a good setting ST for playing hunt, let me know and share please... i already try but doesnt work well
Thank you
Title: Re: Hunt: Showdown - New config
Post by: ohotdog on 11:29 PM - 10/14/20
I am very interested in this as well.
Title: Re: Hunt: Showdown - New config
Post by: ValkyrieR6 on 01:25 PM - 10/26/20
Me too, has there been an update yet?