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Post by: cb57 on 07:07 AM - 09/15/20
Title: Re: Headset Help
Post by: ceebs on 04:11 AM - 09/16/20
Do they have to be wired?

I’ve used (and still own one pair of) wired ‘gaming’ heaphones but have found audiophile-grade headphones to have so much better sound quality for gaming. I use, and recommend, Audiotechnica’s ATH ADGX1 (or their AD700 if you can still find a pair) but there are some great reviews and plenty of good info on headsets in this thread (https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=77468.msg819679#msg819679) (second time I’ve recommended an alanmcgregor thread this morning  ;) ).
Title: Re: Headset Help
Post by: Tech Jack on 05:17 AM - 09/16/20
hey there :)

i've been using the logitec g533 wireless headphone for a while. knowing what i paid for it - i really can't complain. there's this german article that helped me chose my headphone https://www.technikhiwi.de/wireless-gaming-headset-test/ (https://www.technikhiwi.de/wireless-gaming-headset-test/) (don't worry abt the language, you can easily use google translator or deepl.com to help you understand the content).

hope it can help you find the setup according to your needs. best of luck!  ;)
Title: Re: Headset Help
Post by: Trevor Phil on 11:14 AM - 09/30/20
Hey. Yes i can confirm that theLogitech G533 is pretty decent as well. You can really detect a lot already just by listening and it makes you really "feel" the game. I had no problems so far with these headphones
Title: Re: Headset Help
Post by: ValkyrieR6 on 01:36 PM - 10/26/20
The Logitec one is pretty good, since one of my friends uses it. Otherwise, I can suggest anything from Corsair.

I had bad experiences with (wired) Razer headsets in the past which suddenly just stopped working for some reason, but I guess that was bad luck.