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Title: [RESOLVED] XIM Apex not responding
Post by: ƑȒƐƐĿǾ on 12:02 AM - 08/14/20
My friend just bought XIM Apex. It was working fine but then it would randomly stop responding to keyboard and mouse presses. His XIM Apex stopped responding to controller button presses too. Itís not the keyboard/mouses fault because I used that keyboard and mouse with my XIM Apex and it worked perfectly/flawlessly but now Iíve given them to my friend to use with his XIM Apex. The XIM light did not change, it remained the normal red so i think we can rule out high power draw

Hereís a vid of the issue

Title: Re: XIM Apex not responding
Post by: mist4fun on 09:06 AM - 08/14/20
Charging the controller directly with the console while XIM and hub are disconnected and testing other cables with the controller are good places to start troubleshooting.

It's hard to tell from the video, could you share your friends setup?

extras: extended usb cables, third party usb hub, usb switch, titan or cronus device?
Title: Re: [ACTIVE] XIM Apex not responding
Post by: ƑȒƐƐĿǾ on 11:13 AM - 08/14/20
Thanks for the reply. Weíll try the controller cable swap/charging the controller directly w/ the ps4 today.

The mouse heís using is G pro wireless + the usb receiver extender cable that comes w/ GPW. The keyboard heís using is the Razer blackwidow chroma w/ lights turned off, no extras
Title: Re: [ACTIVE] XIM Apex not responding
Post by: mist4fun on 04:49 PM - 08/14/20
A faulty mouse cable can cause shorts which can cause the issue shown in the video. The mx518 and G500 were known for this. I'm sure they have tested in wireless mode but if not it's worth testing.

Power is another real possibility. The stability of the overall setup can eventually struggle when there are two battery powered devices connected. Eventually one or both devices reach a low enough charge level that needs more power at once than the console can provide. In this case there are two battery devices and a Razer LED peripheral connected. To test against power have them try starting APEX with only the controller and mouse receiver attached, leaving the keyboard disconnected and port 2 empty. Test for a while with the mouse in wireless mode. If it's stable the keyboard can be added. Testing a non-LED keyboard would be ideal. Power draw isn't always reduced when peripheral lighting is turned off.
Title: Re: [ACTIVE] XIM Apex not responding
Post by: ƑȒƐƐĿǾ on 02:25 AM - 08/17/20
It seems we have fixed the issue by switching the controller from a DualShock4 v1 controller to a DualShock4 v2 with the lightbar on the touchpad. We also swapped the USB cable for a higher quality one between the controller and XIM hub
Title: Re: [RESOLVED] XIM Apex not responding
Post by: mist4fun on 09:42 AM - 08/17/20
Awesome I'm glad the swaps helped.