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Title: mouse on xim apex
Post by: Nameuser on 04:10 PM - 06/28/20
its like every other day or other time I get my settings right I turn on my ps4 and the mouse is either to jittery and shaky or to slow and sluggish.

logitech g502 and razer mamba elite

this is on r6 siege as well.
I find to much smoothing feel sluggish to less jittery dpi and sensitivity are fine... 5500 dpi
Title: Re: mouse on xim apex
Post by: OBsIV on 11:18 AM - 06/29/20
We hear of a lot of strange consistency issues on here and they frequently are reported when playing R6S. Can you confirm that does or doesn't happen on any other game?
Title: Re: mouse on xim apex
Post by: Nameuser on 08:19 PM - 06/29/20
the other games I played I have not noticed it no. I know with each operator your ads and hip fire will move slightly faster or slightly slower but it's not that. the ads just feels jittery and I swear it feels like the sensitivity gets cranked up every other game.on top of that theres like a latency issue that feels like the hit registration just doesnt respond. maybe it's some type of in game anti cheat system for mouse and key or modded controlers?
hm anyone else notice this with r 6 siege? it's like your mouse pad is made of ice no matter what your settings are and there like extra latency when firing. I got a nice black web gaming mouse pad and 2 top of the line mice both on 500 htz so I know it's not my settings. I can just never have consistant aiming.and I'm running 25 meg a second. some games my aims dead on and no issues but others it's like my mouse and game settings feel reset. just feels like a tracking issue and latency problem. and the micro movement feels terrible
Title: Re: mouse on xim apex
Post by: Nameuser on 03:01 PM - 06/30/20
**UPDATE** since changed my g502 hero to 14000 dpi and 1000 Hertz settings are on point every new season or other update there a chance my settings feel diffrent or need tweaking....must be the game...