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Title: Mw question
Post by: Neededaname on 08:04 AM - 11/12/19
I still use ST1, but if I update to ST2 and keep my old config, does it feel the same if I change back the ADS to 1.0 in game?
Title: Re: Mw question
Post by: b00st_g0d on 09:59 AM - 11/12/19
Just to clarify, you want to know if using ST2 with 1.00 ADS settings will feel the same as ST1 with ADS set above 1.0? 
If that is what you're asking then, No. IMHO, the ST2 is way too slow for ADS in comparison to hip. You must either push in game ADS to 1.50 or higher or leave in game ADS and double the xim manager settings for ADS rate. To me the bubble in the ST2 is way harder to deal with as well. I never had any issues with ST1 and prefer it.