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Title: [Q/A] XIM APEX Listening does not work.
Post by: Sollo on 02:08 PM - 10/09/19
Just arrived today. Connected XIM and upgraded to latest firmware. Currently using a third-party USB Hub but have also tried with the provided hub. The XIM recognizes the mouse g502 and keyboard corsair k70B. However no input is being read from either device. When trying to keybind it just listens but never sees any input.

EDIT: To add some more details. I purchased this on a whim so I may be missing some important details. It is connected into a PC. Must I go purchase a controller to plug into this for it to work?

EDIT 2: Able to get things recognized when using the PC app but I'm assuming I still need an actual controller since the game is not detecting a controller. Reading through the forums on similar issues seems to point to this. I will go buy one.
Title: Re: XIM APEX Listening does not work.
Post by: mist4fun on 04:35 PM - 10/09/19
Welcome to the community. Yes, you will need an original controller from your console maker to use APEX with your console.