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Title: Mouse button not working on xim apex
Post by: xecti on 04:33 PM - 09/22/19
I run the steelseries rival 600 with my xim apex and my side mouse button has been acting up. Sometimes it works fine but other times it will either:
1. Not work at all
2. Get stuck and will simulate on the app that iím holding it down not allowing me to press any other buttons
3. Ill press the button to crouch and it will stick and go prone

This sucks for me because I use this side button as my crouch. Itís not my mouse because when I plug it into my computer everything works fine. Does anybody have any suggestions and or experience with anything like this?
Title: Re: Mouse button not working on xim apex
Post by: OBsIV on 09:29 PM - 09/22/19
Welcome to the community. Does this happen with any other buttons on your mouse (or keyboard)? Or only with that one? If it's only that button, and you verified that the button is fine when connected to a PC, can you configure that button to emit a different "key" using the Steelseries configuration tool?