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Title: Some issues with slow ADS in Black Ops 4
Post by: Monostat7 on 04:42 PM - 09/01/19
Hi everyone. I received my XIM Apex a couple of days ago and I'm having a lot of fun with it, but I am a total newb at both the XIM as a device and playing games with a K&M. There is one thing that is driving me nuts though. In COD BO4, no matter what I do, I cannot seem to get the ADS sensitivity high enough. I feel much more comfortable using my wrist for playing right now, but no matter how much I bump the sensitivity up on ADS up (I have it over 200 and it still feels very slow) it feels like I have to switch to full arm movement to aim and it's making it really hard to aim. Hip aiming and movement feels very natural.  I have also played some Battlefield 5 with the XIM and this is not an issue in that game, and ADS feels fine. Is there something I'm missing here? I'm playing at my mouses max dpi (2500). it just seems like something is not right. I'd really like to not have to feel like I need to switch motor skills every time I ADS.  Thanks!
Title: Re: Some issues with slow ADS in Black Ops 4
Post by: Jasjoe1991 on 05:58 AM - 09/02/19
you may have hit the turn limit, which is an in game mechanic that you cant do anything about.

you could try and buy a mouse with higher dpi as 2500 dpi seems to be quite low when using with the xim.
what sync do you use?

you could try using boost but that could mess around with muscle memory and doesnt increase youre speed. one way to check if you have hit the max turn speed limit is to look on the xim device, do your normal mouse swipe and see if the led light flashes. if it does you have hit the max speed limit
Title: Re: Some issues with slow ADS in Black Ops 4
Post by: RML on 06:44 AM - 09/02/19
Call of duty on console typically always has slower ADS then Hip.