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Title: [Q/A] Rare casual direction drifting
Post by: Aeernos on 11:00 AM - 08/23/19
Hi! This is my first post here :)

First of all, i play on PS4 and i have attached on the Xim Apex a Razer Blackwidow (2013) keyboard and a Swiftpoint Z mouse. The PS4 controller is the original one of the first version of the console.

The problem:
Playing Paladins or Apex Legends (at moment i tried only this two games) i find myself drifting toward a random direction. I need to repress any key to interrupt this and return to a normal functionality.
I tried to search something similar on this forum and on google but i don't found anything like that (maybe i searched wrong terms). Only drifting problem i found is when a thumbstick is decentered, but this is not the case.

I tried to replicate the problem strafing left and right fast. Some rare time the character move in the other direction.
On the Xim Manager i can see is actually recieving the wrong key pressed when i have this problem. If i change direction slowly i don't have the problem. When i actually play the problem is even more frequent.

There is some configuration i need to adjust because of this problem?
It's like i flooding with information the Xim and skip the new key pressed, this make any sense? Is even possible?

I tried 1KHz and 500Hz polling rate, to add some smoothing (is for the aim, i know, but i tried), even the beta firmware and toying with his new functions... same result.

I miss something?  ???

Thank you for any help  :P
Title: Re: Rare casual direction drifting
Post by: antithesis on 03:09 PM - 08/23/19
It's the keyboard, not the XIM. Razer keyboards can have rollover and ghosting issues when not connected to PC.
Title: Re: [Q/A] Rare casual direction drifting
Post by: mist4fun on 04:48 PM - 08/23/19
Welcome to the community. I agree with anithesis unfortunately. Corsair and Logitech are brands that are known to have onboard rollover support.
Title: Re: [Q/A] Rare casual direction drifting
Post by: Aeernos on 11:57 PM - 08/23/19
Ouch... ok, thanks for the reply :)

So the rollover is not mitigated because the lack of drivers? That explain why i never experienced that on PC.

Thanks again, i will find an alternative (maybe the controller in the left hand and mouse in the right hand :o)

P.S.: Sorry for the wrong section, i searched a Support section inside the XIM Apex sub-forums, never thought to find it in the General Category :P