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Title: Xim sensitivity in relation to 1:1 ADS & Hip
Post by: RioDaYungOG on 09:49 AM - 07/30/19
Hey so I come from playing pc fps and was always taught that your ADS & Hip sensitivity should always be the same. This seems to be the main theme with most pc games such as csgo, pubg, and apex. I had just bought a xim because I wanna play console games with my xbox friends but refuse to go back to controller. When looking at everyones config I noticed not many if any people play with there ADS & Hip 1:1 ratio meaning they are both the same. I was wondering why that is, was thinking maybe because of the Aim Assist on console but I don't know. It would make sense that it should be 1:1 so you can get a better feel of the sensitivity you are using.
Title: Re: Xim sensitivity in relation to 1:1 ADS & Hip
Post by: ceebs on 02:48 AM - 07/31/19
Welcome to the forum, RioDaYungOG.

Most shooters have a different sensitivity for Hip and ADS. When you scope in, you need to be able to make much smaller adjustments than you do when moving or hip firing, so your view becomes less sensitive to accommodate this. If they were the same then you would likely overshoot as you aim in. This is far less problematical on PC where low sensitivity (400-800 DPI) is the norm. You need much higher sensitivity on console as your mouse velocity is being translated into analogue stick movement distance in order to change the position of your cursor. There are also turn speed limits to a stick's movement on console that inhibit mouse movement (designed to be used on a PC).

Your job is to adjust your ADS sensitivity so that it feels the same. On console, I use this method (originally posted a couple of years ago):

First, check out Od1n's tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs0sH4rfGRc).

This is how I get mine dialled in.

Firstly, I copy a config from a game that I'm used to in order to keep all my key/button settings the same and then change any that aren't covered for the new game. I then tweak sync/boost, SA, etc. if needed, for the new game.

Secondly, I go into a private match and place my character with a shoulder against a wall, looking down the length of it. I then adjust my Hip sensitivity until I can flick my character 180 so that I am looking down the wall in the opposite direction. I then reverse the flick as my clockwise and counterclockwise turns are slightly different. Finally I set my Hip sensitivity as half way between the two values.

Thirdly, I ADS and work out the sensitivity that allows me to flick ~75 whilst doing so, as this is my preferred arc when aiming down the sights.
I then adjust the delay time so that ADS transitioning feels smooth.

Finally, I test my new setting against bots. In BO4, I add four recruit bots, disable Special abilities/equipment and scorestreaks and play with the ICR equipped with Grip I and II (eliminates inaccuracies caused by recoil), until I can get a nuke.

This method works consistently for me, especially with CoD (which is the game I used to play 95% of the time). If Od1n's method isn't working for you, try this, adjusting the parameters for your own personal playstyle. Make sure you do the bot training session as well, as it's no good working out your perfect sensitivities if you can't snap on target and stay there, especially in BO4 when TTK is so long.

Title: Re: Xim sensitivity in relation to 1:1 ADS & Hip
Post by: RioDaYungOG on 11:20 AM - 07/31/19
Yea I had did that perfect sensitivity and found mine and I actually just measured it out for every game along with keeping the same sync. My 360degree/inch if curious in 19.5 ADS and 7 Hip. I actually like playing with the lower ADS but was just curious because like I said everyone on pc uses a 1:1 ratio.