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Title: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: gl0zz3n on 05:35 AM - 07/26/19
Hey guys, how's it going? I get alot of requests asking for help connecting their Xim Apex to a CronusMAX PLUS device so that you can use controller mods in combination with either your mouse and keyboard or other crossover controller. I figured I would pop in post a link to my tutorial. I really hope this helps y'all out. The Xim Apex is an awesome translator, and frankly, I wish I would have picked one up a lot sooner. :)

Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: AMG on 12:07 PM - 07/26/19
IMO the best thing you can do with cronus is to ask for a refund or sell it, pay a little extra and get a Titan Two; not only is a more powerful device that will work wonders with XIM Apex you will be supporting the mind who created Cronus and got betrayed for that company.

I'm not XIM Apex or Titan Two representative, just another happy customer of both.
Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: antithesis on 03:30 PM - 07/26/19
The major difference is CM has 150 pre-made Gamepacks and is easier to setup, which is helpful to new users.

Most of us quickly outgrow Gamepacks and the weaknesses of CM become exposed, like 10ms lag and no audio pass through.

T2 is more powerful and more compatible with better scripts, but the steeper learning curve will put some off.
Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: Od1n on 05:25 PM - 07/27/19
i wonder what the CM guys will do if the PS5 and Xbox 2 support will require a minor cronus update assuming that it doesnt work right out of the box.
and even if no update is required to make it work then the new features of the consoles might at least require some feature updates on the device itself to support those.

Jefferson was one of the first to realize mouse support on the PS4 and Xbox One, im pretty sure he could easily pull that off.
the CM guys on the other hand are not allowed to hack the source code anymore and it also remains to be seen if they have the people to develop such an update.
Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: antithesis on 05:31 PM - 07/27/19
Iím confident they have a capable software engineer at their disposal based on the DriveHub. It has FFB for steering wheels on XB1, whereas J2K has yet to crack that nut. Not that heís invested any serious time into it yet, despite my encouragement.

My guess is theyíre working on a new product to replace the CM. Donít be surprised if itís functionality similar to T2. If they arenít working on a new device, they should be.
Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: Od1n on 05:37 PM - 07/27/19
oh i see, the release of the next consoles will definitely be interesting then.
anyway right now id recommend xim users that want to use mods to either get a titan two for the better compatibility or use xim link for the small budget solution.
Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: AMG on 09:49 PM - 07/27/19
There you go gl0zz3n, the abhor towards that company is well deserved.

I also write scripts. All are now encrypted due CM code stealing practices.

Back in the day when Fortnite BR was released, I came out with a script that make Turbo-Building and Instant-Build possible, did it for a friend with a disability. That script was very popular on competitive console players, but kept all hushed. The instant build part I sent a video-demo to Epic dev team, asking to included to the game got a reply they will investigate it, 8 months later: build immediately tada!
(https://i.imgur.com/TnaRvMN.gif) 8)

And there is much more experienced "script coders" than me at the ConsoleTuner community.

Quality over quantity. Somethings that sells more doesn't means is better, McDonalds is the best american burger?

But I digress, my intention on my post was:

I'm pro-to support innovators, talented people (like OBsIV and J2Kbr) whom take the challenging endeavor of make their ideas reality.

As consumers we have that power. Recently I bought an audio amp/dac made from a small company, even though I have to pay extra I do it because I believe on its vision.

BTW I highly doubt any well respected "professional" tournament allow the use of macro/scripting devices unless everybody is using the same device and script.
Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: Od1n on 09:44 AM - 07/28/19
After watching some of your youtube videos i start to get the feeling you are part of the CM team gl0zz3n lol, you really seem to be dedicated about it. If you arent then the CM team can be happy to have you on their side with all the effort that you put into it.

Either way ill lock this topic now, we really dont need another Titan vs CM discussion and thats exactly the direction that this topic is heading towards now.
Title: Re: How to use Xim Apex with CronusMAX
Post by: OBsIV on 10:59 AM - 07/28/19
As I understand there is a lot of bad history between Titan and Cronus and if even just part of it is factual I feel really bad for Jefferson. That said, this is the XIM site and gl0zz3n is our guest here. I did scan over his video and feelings aside it's narrative looks to be simply instructional for this scenario.,