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Title: PC and USB switch for Mkb
Post by: $ on 06:15 PM - 05/21/19
Is there a usb switch/device to use 1 keyboard and mouse for your xim on pc and to use it native on pc while not gaming. Not between console and pc. Or do you have to use 2 keyboards and mouse?
Title: Re: PC and USB switch for Mkb
Post by: antithesis on 02:35 AM - 05/22/19
There are plenty of USB switches capable of the job. The problem however is that the USB host in Windows 10 takes a steaming dump after a few swaps and the keyboard no longer responds. The mouse is always fine, it's only the kb that doesn't work.

This issue is specific to Win 10 and is unrelated to the XIM. I've used IOGear GUS404 USB switches for years with zero problems to swap m/kb from XIM to a Mac, and to earlier versions of Windows, but the second I fire up Doze 10, the problems start. Other XIM users have reported the same issue and the only fix is to reboot the PC.

The best solution is to get a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable and use XIM Link to swap the PC-connected m/kb to XIM. XIM Link is not without its own minor issues, but it's a more solid and reliable solution than a USB switch on Win 10.