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Title: Suggestions on turn speed cap
Post by: Nunkey on 07:33 AM - 05/13/19
I get that the reason there is a cap and why but not why it slows your turning when its exceeded.

 How about a slider that allows us to set the max turn speed so that when it exceeds the set value it doesn't cause the in game motion to slow down? But instead it holds the set value until the mouse speed is below that value.

Apologies if it's been suggested before but the search function is a pita and I could find a result when I searched.
Title: Re: Suggestions on turn speed cap
Post by: Lzy on 10:17 AM - 05/13/19
It doesn't slow down. You move your mouse faster than the game can handle so it's wasted mouse movement that's why it feels like the turn speed slows down.
Title: Re: Suggestions on turn speed cap
Post by: WarCat on 12:33 PM - 05/29/19
I think what Nunkey is asking for, is to eliminate the wasted input. We've exceeded the turn speed and we feel that slowdown because the input is ignored until it returns to an acceptable level. Would it not be better if it returned to the maximum acceptable level, and each time it was exceeded it was directed there rather than ignored?. I've attached a mockup of what Nunkey is talking about, instead of all input being ignored past the turn speed, it could use the value to at least continue the highest possible movement, whether it be user defined or determined by the XIM (Don't know if that is possible, but if steady aim can detect movement speed and quantize it, and the XIM can detect the turn speed, there may be a foundation for this) It may sound better in theory but there could be unforeseen effects as well.


EDIT: The image is not loading for some reason? here is the URL: https://imgur.com/a/QJ71eBY (https://imgur.com/a/QJ71eBY)
Title: Re: Suggestions on turn speed cap
Post by: Lzy on 07:55 AM - 06/04/19
You continue with the highest possible movement but it doesnt feel like it because you move your mouse too fast and you expect faster movement.
Title: Re: Suggestions on turn speed cap
Post by: wnb on 10:22 AM - 07/08/19
No if i move my mouse fast i only get x screen movement if i drag it out slow the same distance i get full movement try it
Title: Re: Suggestions on turn speed cap
Post by: antithesis on 04:06 PM - 07/08/19
XIM probably already does this. The issue is the mouse is moving at 100% turn speed + X movement. It's the X movement that gets ignored, not the 100% movement speed.

Because it's a fast movement, only a short amount of time is registered at 100% movement speed and passed through to the game. Moving your hand slightly slower over the same distance will register the 100% turn speed for a longer duration, resulting in a bigger turn.

Keep in mind that XIM cannot turn a console game into a PC one and is subject to all the same constraints as a controller. The difference is that instead of a 15mm thumbstick cap travelling 7mm in any direction and pegging the value by simply holding position, the stick is now the size of your mousepad.

With hundreds of times more surface area available on a pad than a thumbstick and input only registering when the mouse is moving, things like turn speeds are going to be less consistent. That's the trade-off for having vastly improved micro-aim control on a larger surface.

The short answer is to reduce your XIM sensitivity and/or reduce your hand speed to find the right pace to work for that specific game.