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Title: Auxiliary Glitch (Latest Firmware)
Post by: Kingownagexx on 04:11 PM - 05/06/19
I don't know if this is for every game, or if it only is happening to me but whenever I use the auxiliary option on Rainbow Six Siege something happens with my sensitivity
To explain what happens I'll explain how to recreate it, go to auxiliary, set the activation to left mouse click (the shoot button) now if I ADS and click the left mouse button (shoot) my sensitivity goes extremely high, and is only fixed by unadsing even if I press shoot again. Since I have the same sync and sens, and it's not on toggle my sensitivity shouldn't be doing this whenever I ADS and press the shoot button.
Title: Re: Auxiliary Glitch (Latest Firmware)
Post by: mist4fun on 05:10 PM - 05/06/19
That's strange, could you please share the config code? To do this go to the Identity page in your config, click copy then paste the code here.
Title: Re: Auxiliary Glitch (Latest Firmware)
Post by: Kingownagexx on 05:15 PM - 05/06/19
This is my R6S Config for Xbox One.

>>> XIM APEX [Rainbow Six Siege] START COPY >>>
Title: Re: Auxiliary Glitch (Latest Firmware)
Post by: mist4fun on 02:36 PM - 05/07/19
I haven't been able to reproduce this and I'm not able to use your code using the latest gold build or the latest beta build. You may want to check if this happens with a new config that isn't using code imported from your old config.

Could you please update to one of these builds then share the code? If you're using a beta, here's a link to the beta section of the forum, be sure to update both firmware and Manager using the download links.


Otherwise if you prefer to not use a beta please update using the latest build here:


Once you're up to date please share your Siege code again
Title: Re: Auxiliary Glitch (Latest Firmware)
Post by: Kingownagexx on 05:37 PM - 05/07/19
I was on the update that readded boost then added steady aim, i didn't update to the lateat firmware cause it said there was no changes but if fixed my issue so it seems. Thank you for the suggestion
Title: Re: Auxiliary Glitch (Latest Firmware)
Post by: mist4fun on 09:09 AM - 05/08/19
Great. I do recommend updating to the latest beta at some point, it fixes a random movement issue introduced in one of the earlier betas and also includes hardware compatibility improvements.