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Title: R6 LFG!
Post by: Bonqurz on 06:40 PM - 04/07/19
Looking for semi serious squad or people to play ranked. I'm gold 2 atm need someone to teach me how to play better. Here's some of my clips from ranked.
Psn Saibot_The_Noob
Title: Re: R6 LFG!
Post by: Barbiche_ on 07:00 AM - 04/09/19

I was litteraly going to create an account here to find people to play ranked : I don't really feel teaming with controller players, I just feel like I'll always be the "guy that play m/k".

So yeah, if we can five stack that would be nice. I'm also gold II currently and I've been solo queuing since the beginning (I even mute people at the start of every match)

So let's say we need 3 more people I guess ? Do you play bomb because I on run bomb ?

btw I'm french, so I'll probably have a bit of trouble with calls at the beginning
Title: Re: R6 LFG!
Post by: Bonqurz on 04:56 PM - 04/09/19
I usually mute only non english speakers or @#$% talkers... But if people give info i listen to them. I'm not very good with callouts myself. Just add me on psn. I'm online all day on weekends if i'm not with my missus. Hmu and we can have some games. Sick of playing alone or with ds4 potatoes..
Title: Re: R6 LFG!
Post by: iKLiCKi on 03:18 PM - 08/29/20
KLiCK_OT add me!
Title: Re: R6 LFG!
Post by: VividAssassin on 02:50 PM - 09/04/20
I'm gold 1 looking for a 5 stack or just any players to play with NAW