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Title: Stadia - looks like the real s*
Post by: roads on 11:38 PM - 03/23/19

They do solve a couple of big things here. 60fps 1080p on any hardware, no multiplayer lag, instaplay. Sounds great but what about that wifi controller connected directly to the game on some server? That will lag like hell or to be exact 20 to 400ms depending on how far you are from the game. I can imagine this working if you only play regionally only within you country or state, but I can not imagine it working perfectly. Screen display will also lag behind the same amount + the screen inputlag.

Obsiv any chance you can make this M+K? Sounds like a new device like XIM-S
Title: Re: Stadia - looks like the real s*
Post by: Phil Ashio on 01:06 PM - 03/24/19

Looks pretty terrible in comparison shots and Google set it up to be the best case scenario. There's a reason why every time some streaming service is introduced it's met with complete indifference.

The only group of people this can possibly target is those who are absolutely unaware of what a Playstation or Xbox are never mind input latency. This is the kind of thing that a mom gets their kid when he asks for an Xbox One X but she looks at the price and thinks, "it's a gaming console what's the difference." and then gets her kid the Stadia only to be resented for the rest of her life.
Title: Re: Stadia - looks like the real s*
Post by: roads on 01:24 PM - 03/24/19
Ya dont think it will work either but at least another try. Ill make some popcorn and watch this passing by.
Title: Re: Stadia - looks like the real s*
Post by: Od1n on 01:27 PM - 03/24/19
I heard 5G will have latencies of just a few milliseconds, with that i could see this being viable
right now i dont think the majority of gamers has the required connection to enjoy the experience, especially if the 20 per month (240 per year) rumours are true