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Title: Ads
Post by: xLAxFAMILIAx on 08:44 AM - 03/19/19
What is a good technique to find the right ads
Title: Re: Ads
Post by: mist4fun on 09:43 AM - 03/19/19
Going to your game's shooting range, training, private, or creative mode and adjusting your ADS sensitivity there would be helpful. Otherwise it's just a matter of raising and lowering it as you play until you've found what works best for you.
Title: Re: Ads
Post by: antithesis on 04:56 PM - 03/19/19
Shoot at moving targets. ADS is all about accuracy, so try for as low a sensitivity value as possible for the maximum control, but it needs to be fast enough to track a moving target. For most games, it'll be in the region of 50-65% of your HIP speed.

You can always drop out of ADS to HIP for really zippy movements to realign the shot, then jump back to ADS for accuracy.
Title: Re: Ads
Post by: Gamer4life on 06:53 PM - 03/20/19
Finding the right ADS value can be a pain. I play primarily PubG and what I find is a good starting value is to be able to do a 180 degree turn In the length of my mouse mat. Obviously, everyone’s mat size will be different so after you have done so either raise or lower as you see fit from that base value. In Pubg there is a compass on the top which makes it easier to figure out your 180(example: North to South=180degree turn).
Title: Re: Ads
Post by: Zen on 11:47 AM - 03/21/19
If you can work out the zoom value you can work out 1 to 1 from there.

e.g 30cm/360 at the hip and the game uses a zoom ads FOV of 1.5 then just 1.5 x 30 = 45cm that will give you 1 to 1 sensitivity feel.

Most games use 1.5x fov on smg/rifles.