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Title: Multi-button mapping.
Post by: KuwaitQ8 on 07:40 PM - 02/17/19
Hi, thanks for your great product.

my suggestion is, to enable a way to config 2 or more keyboard buttons to do same function!

for e.g, in pubg most of  us used on R for reload, F to pick up items and C to crouch and Z to get into ground, now the issue is, in PS4 the button square do many function, therefor to reload? press F, to pick up items? press F, to get in car ? press F, and so on.

the problem is most of us our mind is locked at R for reload, F to pickup ( or else like E lean right and Q to lean left)

the problem is 1 button to do all of these is not good,

my suggestion is, to enable us to map multi keyboard button to do same function, like:
F = pick up , reload, get in ... and all other square function)
R = pick up , reload, get in ... and all other square function)   yes its same function but diffrent button (R)

the befit is that now I can play as all other games, when I need to reload R, when I need pick up F, it will be easier to us although R and F doing the same!

imagine we can map many keyboard buttons to do same function, so that we can play easier.

at ps4 pubg, left shift = sprint, but also when behind a tree left-shift used to lean left? how hard to remember that, while we can set Q = Left shift = sprint or Lean left (L3 on PS4 controller function)
 so I can sprint by clicking L-shift and when behind tree I click Q to lean left  ( although if I clicked Q while not behind a tree or wall it will just make me sprint)

so it's just a suggestion to let us be able to set multi keyboard buttons to do same function to feel comfort while playing.

Title: Re: Multi-button mapping.
Post by: GunzBlazed on 08:07 PM - 02/17/19
You can map both of those keyboard buttons to the same controller button. If you have "Expert Configuration" enabled in Global Settings then click on the 3 dots under button mappings in the "HIP" category. You'll see a box that says "Primary", click the arrow on the right of it to switch to "Secondary" button mappings. That way you can have F and R for the square button. For leaning while aiming, I have Q and E mapped to my L3 and R3 under the ADS category as well as my Over the Shoulder Aim Aux category.