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Title: Ace Combat 7
Post by: -Add3r4LL- on 04:29 PM - 01/31/19
Any plans for Ace combat 7 to get a configuration? I would really appreciate that, along with others I'm sure.
Title: Re: Ace Combat 7
Post by: mist4fun on 05:05 PM - 01/31/19
Sorry, this type of game isn't a support priority but XIM can be used in any game, even games without support. I recommend loading XIM with various game configs then setting a config cycle key until you've found one with the best fit. Next assign buttons based on the button picture in Manager and what that button actually does in your game. Do not assign buttons based on the action names listed in Manager as they will be incorrect for your game.

Another option for this type of game is to test the Generic Alpha config at the bottom of the new game list. Expert mode must be enabled for this to be visible. This is a circular ST without a deadzone. You can add deadzone by raising boost or the first ballistics curve position (0th position).