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Title: My xim just randomly broke...
Post by: Cursedcrackers on 05:55 PM - 01/12/19
Alright so, I shut my xbox off this morning after getting on to take a break. I get back on 5 hours later and everything is @#$% up. My apex is flashing yellow, green when moving around with the keyboard and then it flashes red when moving the mouse. My mic also doesnt work while the xim is plugged in. Now keep in mind my settings were the same thing within the past 3 days and the sensitivity was the same. Nothing was changed. I suddenly get on and all of this is happening... Could it be due to the xbox server issues that have been occurring today?
Title: Re: My xim just randomly broke...
Post by: Cursedcrackers on 05:56 PM - 01/12/19
Forgot to mention, I wasnt in any sort of game... Does it on dashboard when starting xbox. Then I joined a game, did the same thing.
Title: Re: My xim just randomly broke...
Post by: Cursedcrackers on 05:58 PM - 01/12/19
Also forgot to mention, my mouse movements are @#$% up, sensitivity isnt the same, and I can turn 360 while moving my mouse in a large circle. Normally my sensitivity would slow down if I moved it in a large circle. I normally move in small circles with fast sensitivity. I dont understand what is happening.
Title: Re: My xim just randomly broke...
Post by: mist4fun on 10:28 AM - 01/13/19
It's normal for XIM to rapidly flash red lights when reaching the turn speed limit, green when aiming down sight, and yellow when returning to Hip.

About the sensitivity change, there are many things that can cause this. Did you recently just set XIM up for the first time?

About the mic not working, is it only the mic or headphones too? If it's just the mic not working you may have Push To Talk enabled in your config's Identity page.
Title: Re: My xim just randomly broke...
Post by: antithesis on 03:08 PM - 01/13/19
If you enabled Expert Mode in XIM Manager > Global Settings, then changed the XIM's response rate, that will account for the sensitivity change.

XIM Manager instructs you to disconnect then reconnect the XIM Apex when changing response rate. If you don't do that, the next time you turn on your console, XIM Apex will update the response rate and you'll notice the slow down, which I suspect is what happened there. All you need to do is increase sensitivity on the mouse one time to use the new polling / response rate.

Other potential causes include using the DPI up, down or cycle buttons on the mouse.

The red, green and yellow lights you mentioned are normal XIM behaviour. I recommend watching the Instructional Videos at https://xim.tech/instructional-videos/ to learn the basics of setting up and using your XIM.