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Title: XIM 4 acting crazy (white/gold leds) and not taking inputs
Post by: [email protected] on 04:33 PM - 01/03/19
First info: Android 9.x software with the manager (which reports some issues but still runs).

Lately, when trying to assign keys, it's just not working. All cables have been replaced and firmware was factory wiped back to the last "legit" firmware and responds fine. Generally, the LED stays "red" during waiting process but will do white/gold flash while it's trying to write.

However, in the manager, when i assign a different color to a game, XIM4 won't change with it when i load it.

I'm pretty sure it's all in the software manager because it connects fine and seems to store input settings. But i don't plan to buy another phone "just" to fix this issue.

Anyone else experience this.
Title: Re: XIM 4 acting crazy (white/gold leds) and not taking inputs
Post by: mist4fun on 05:10 PM - 01/03/19
Welcome to the community. Config settings are stored on XIM but can be accessed using Manager on any device paired with XIM. It's odd that the config color change isn't going through. Could you please try to uninstall and reinstall Manager? This won't erase configs but you may need to re pair with XIM.