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Title: BO4 Xim 4 settings/curves
Post by: Tetsurobash on 07:58 PM - 10/25/18
Hey fellow ximmers... long time lurker first time poster. Just  a heads up Iím working on a couple new AA ADS curves that helps keep the crosshairs locked on target. The foundation of these curves comes from RMLs Anti aim assist curve. After playing blackout and the multiplayer I noticed that the gunfight experience is vastly different with multiplayer being fast paced and BO being a little more tame. So the idea of this curve is to help with close fast moving targets but also be easy to handle in normal medium range engagements. Thank you RML and look forward to hearing from you all.

(ADS Aggressive) - multiplayer
Logitech G502 - 12k dpi
Sensitivity - 2.80~3.00
Ads delay 225
Boost 5-80

>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Curve was modified to deal with quick change in direction while still being able to track. One thing to keep in mind is ads delay... I try to keep mine consistent so that my reticle isnít overshooting my enemy. I know a lot of cod players pre aim so maybe not so important for some. Iím still trying to get a set sensitivity that Iím 100% comfortable with but I can tell you for me anything over 3.00 is too much for me. I have messed with boost and I always preferred to not use it but I have ran anywhere from 5-80.

Not recommended for BO sniping

This is my first Cod experience and Iím really liking it. Again this is merely a modified rml credit goes to him... I used his original curve for bf1 and loved it.
Title: Re: BO4 Xim 4 settings/curves
Post by: Tetsurobash on 05:34 PM - 10/26/18
Paraglide/Vehicle settings

For you guys having to frantically swipe your mouse to pitch up and down or just donít like using turn assist.

Make an Aux/sub config with activation key
Make sure that you deselect ď inherit keys from primaryĒ so you can make your new key layout.

Bind the left stick (up & down) to the left click & right click. This will be used to control speed while paragliding and also gas and brake while driving.

Then bind secondary keys to control right stick duty (mouse movements) to your keyboard. This will give you the ability to nose down and up smoothly.

These tips should help make driving and dropping much more natural.
Title: Re: BO4 Xim 4 settings/curves
Post by: Die5el01 on 04:34 AM - 11/10/18
Thank you for this
Title: Re: BO4 Xim 4 settings/curves
Post by: Tetsurobash on 04:40 AM - 11/25/18
No problem.... unfortunately just got an apex so no update on XIM4.