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Title: XIM Apex shout out
Post by: Kapn Krunch on 01:33 PM - 10/08/18
New owner and user of XIM Apex. 

I was prepared to invest some time in trying to take my game (COD and MW series exclusively)
to the next level as I felt I had hit my skill level max using the XB1 Elite controller.  I put extensive time and testing various custom ballistic curve settings within XB OS device settings to tweak results.  I too maxed what I could with the curves considering the customization was somewhat limiting.

I was aware of the Xim device but never took the plunge since I was quite happy with my XB1 Elite play and didn't want to learn something new that may or may not improve my gameplay.

In my years of playing the COD/MW series I had come across some players that defied what I could possibly do with XB1 Elite.  I could never be sure if they were using a controller, M/KB setup, but I knew whatever they were doing I couldn't match their device skillset with whatever  they were using.  I am only speaking about the XB1 not the hacked 360 where almost anything is possible.

I can say with out a doubt once I got the Apex up and running, invested a bit of time with it, I could notice my gameplay had already jumped to the next level.  I normally play at 12/11 sensitivity (BO3) on Elite controller  but with the Apex/G502 Hero mouse/PS3 Nav I am able to play at a higher level than I thought possible in such a short amount of time.  I can see the improvement every hour of gameplay.  Astonishing what just one device can do to elevate your gameplay.  XIM Apex has done it in spades. 

SO, I wanted to give a shout out to the XIM Apex team members and its developer on creating a masterful device that has instantly taken my gameplay to a whole new level.  Thanks guys.  Can't believe everybody doesn't use this for their favorite console.

NOTE:  I haven't even touched ballistics yet.  I can only imagine what might be possible once I start to tinker with them. ;D

Title: Re: XIM Apex shout out
Post by: OBsIV on 05:10 PM - 10/08/18
Thank you for your feedback!
Title: Re: XIM Apex shout out
Post by: Kapn Krunch on 12:07 PM - 10/09/18
I can't say enough what a game changer the Apex has been so far.

My initial plan was to get the Apex, hopefully learn how adapt to a new way of playing and at the same time improve my gameplay.  BO3 stats are 417 SPM and 2.62 KD so I play at a level that would be considered a little better than average.  If a 50 year old (me ;D) can up his game with Apex, anybody can.

Using Apex, wholly smokes this thing is like taking a gun to a knife fight. 8)

Just wanted to iterate again what a game changer this thing is.  Well done.  Bravo!
Title: Re: XIM Apex shout out
Post by: havoxxx on 11:24 AM - 10/11/18
Only time to use a controller is for fighting games or racing games. check out xim link to even enhance your gaming to the next level ;)

Xim ballistic curves can cut thru the strong AA bubble, like a heated knife on hard butter :) That is if you learn what you are doing and not just trying everyone else's settings. Everyone has their own preference, and if you like it, Tweak it to perform the way you want it to work .

I have been ximing sense 2012,  and i could never go back to controller for shooters.. Nothing compares to the mouse compared to a thumb on a joystick.

There will be times where you can not for the life of you figure out a setting, and then there will be a couple day span or weeks, where you are thor with his unbeatable hammer.

I do my job, i live my life, then i xim :)