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Title: Buzzing from mic on xbox
Post by: 50ThousandPeople on 05:50 PM - 09/30/18
Im guessing its from the apex. I played blackout with a wireless controller and never had the issue. Is it the xim or could it be the wired controller used with xim? Any way I can get around this? I feel like ive tried all my known tricks that might work. Thanks in advance!
Title: Re: Buzzing from mic on xbox
Post by: Kuy on 02:28 AM - 10/01/18
Itís the wired Xbox Controller, Iíve had it since I was using controller lol.

I think Mist said itís a ground loop problem so I would look up how to fix that as I have no idea about any of that. You might be able to fix it with a mix amp but Iím not sure.
Title: Re: Buzzing from mic on xbox
Post by: mist4fun on 08:54 AM - 10/01/18
Yes, it's likely a ground loop from using the controller in wired mode. To confirm, remove the controller battery and connect the controller directly to the console with your headset attached. You should hear the same static buzz. You could try using other cables with the controller. Test one with a ferrite core if you're able to. Other options are to look into ground loop isolators.
Title: Re: Buzzing from mic on xbox
Post by: honeymonth on 01:24 AM - 10/02/18
I use my other controller wirelessly on copilot mode for mic input. not a great solution but it works
Title: Re: Buzzing from mic on xbox
Post by: sean1 on 01:45 PM - 10/04/18
My friends have told me that when I'm using my turtle  beach pro tac amp they can hear buzzing, when I plug direct to controller the sound clears. No this isn't a good solution as I then do t get surround sound, anyone have any suggestions, (I've tried several cables)
Title: Re: Buzzing from mic on xbox
Post by: havoxxx on 02:31 PM - 10/04/18
What i did to fix this.....

So i use, Optical audio, hooked up to a receiver.  With a Y splitter, that goes mic and audio to 3.5. and another 3.5 plugged into the audio. This splitter is just a audio to audio. then a male to a female to hook up to the back of the receiver.

here is a example picture:



My headset

Title: Re: Buzzing from mic on xbox
Post by: Jet8 on 11:31 AM - 10/05/18
I know I had a similar problem a long time ago. I think its related to any type of amplification between the controllers audio out to what you are using to listen to. I was never able to figure out a workaround and resulted in me buying a headset just for my xbox.

Edit: I found the original thread that I was trying to troubleshoot with OBsIV