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Title: Symbrachydactyly
Post by: Kollietheclaw on 12:24 AM - 08/04/18
Hey fellow xim users, I just want to take the time to thank this company and the community for making gaming possible for me. I have a rare birth defect called Symbrachydactyly.....don't worry I can't say it...Symbrachydactyly is a rare congenital hand defect in which the fingers are abnormally short and webbed or conjoined. The bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves of the hand are usually affected..... because of this defect I've never been able to play console games with my friends and I've never been able to afford a PC any more than a stock Walmart pc.....the deformity is on my left hand....I can use a analog but any left side button isn't possible because I only have a thumb and a half pinky....looks similar to a lobster claw lmfao.....I am however able to use a Logitech g13 small keyboard with a built in analog and a mouse that I can map keys I can't reach with my pinky.... only made possible by xim.....it actually makes me feel kinda normal in the sense.....I'm just want to thank everyone involved for disabled gamer.... I can't say thank you enough!
Title: Re: Symbrachydactyly
Post by: OBsIV on 12:37 AM - 08/04/18
Welcome to the community -- thanks for your introduction! We are glad you are here and I'm really happy to hear how you are using your XIM. :)
Title: Re: Symbrachydactyly
Post by: antithesis on 04:20 AM - 08/04/18
Great to hear! Also, great PSN ID  ;D