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Title: Looking for fellow Xim users on PS3
Post by: NomiyaNadeshiko on 11:17 AM - 06/12/18
And yeah I'll get a PS4 eventually (probably around Christmas or whenever I get enough money for it) but for now I only got PS3. I'm looking not only for skilled players but also just someone to play online with, as I haven't really gotten any active friends on Playstation.

My Games:
- Battlefield Bad Company 2 - (Lvl 12, all unlocks in assault class)
- Battlefield 3 - (lvl 5 or 6, don't remember)
- Battlefield 4 - (lvl 3 or 4, again, don't remember)
- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - (level 7, have not played much)

I'll also be getting many more games eventually, if you want to have some fun on PS3 feel free to add me!