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Title: My experience with the Xim so far
Post by: NomiyaNadeshiko on 11:09 AM - 06/10/18
So my Xim Apex just came in yesterday, I was eager to set it up (even though I have not gotten a gaming mouse yet, literally playing with an 800dpi office mouse) and so far, even with the terrible mouse I'm using, I'm very impressed, there is no input lag of any kind that I can notice, and provided I crank up sensitivity in the control editor, it felt completely seamless, if there is any difference between playing on a computer and using this adapter, it's either barely noticeable, or not noticeable (in Overwatch I noticed a little jitter, in every game I've played other than Overwatch, it actually felt identical to PC gaming). And to think I'm not even getting the best experience (as my Logitech gaming mouse won't come in until wednesday) just makes me jump in excitement as this is probably the best $130 gaming device I've ever gotten. I already can notice a huge improvement in gameplay and frequently getting praise from teammates (although, I'm aware that praise isn't really earned, I'm just happy they aren't hating at me like they did when I used controller).
Title: Re: My experience with the Xim so far
Post by: Od1n on 11:12 AM - 06/10/18
Great to hear that you like it :)

with your new logitech mouse you can even set your xim and mouse to 500 or 1000hz and your mouse movements will become even more responsive ;)
if you have any questions regarding the setup or your xim in general let us know!
Title: Re: My experience with the Xim so far
Post by: OBsIV on 04:07 PM - 06/10/18
Thanks for your feedback!